3 thoughts on “What Do You Think…”

  1. You are just surrounded by a consumer economy you are not participating in it. As long as you are not covetous and try to keep up with the Jones. Anyways I will not have a problem with a consumer economy collapse because I will benefit. Everybody will lose everything they do not deserve. Since I am not beyond my limits I can retain and gain more in a recession.

  2. I’d make a distinction between the need consumer economy and the want consumer economy – I mean this in a more objective sense not related to what people think they need. It is the need consumer economy which can lead to unhealthy debt (credit cards mostly).

    I do my best to live at my need level, but the damn government keeps trying to lower even that standard of living – in my area where there has NEVER been a flood I have to get insurance for it now. All I ever see in my bank account is food, home, gasoline and school charges. If you ask me that is a clear problem with socialism because it makes me closer to being dependent on government. I’d sell my home before I did that.

  3. The simple answer is that the Christian lives like a Christian. Our lifestyles should not be dictated by a type of economy.
    Are you asking someone to provide a detailed theology of economics or are you asking for a personal application of how I, as a Christian, live in a consumer economy?

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