I’m No President

A common wish of many people voting for President is that he be one of “them”. A buddy/pal kind of person who they feel can relate to them and understand their pain.

This desire is closely related to the thought that the government is supposed to come along side us and assist us with many of our problems.

One thing I know about myself: I’m not presidential material. Not right now anyways (necessary caveat in case anything else on this blog is ever used to preclude my suitability to that office).

I don’t want someone like me in the Oval Office. I want someone stronger, wiser, more patient and cunning, more determined and shrewd. In short, someone very much not like me.

Some candidates may feel that appealing to voter’s humanity is the best way to win them: for many voters this is true. But I will try to support those who are independent, who have lived their lives and made no apologies for who they and and how they have achieved in life.

A candidate can appeal to my humanity be showing they love the less fortunate, not necessarily relate to them.

We are not all the same.

On another note, this Pro-Obama blog says that unless Obama is ahead by more than they are ahead by now, McCain wins by a landslide. Facts, figures, and honesty follow:

McCain Set To Win by Landslide! The Polls vs. Reality in Presidential Elections

…The people who will be shocked are those in the media. Even though they know the polling from the past juxtaposed with the actual election results is never very kind to the Democrats. They are so hyped on McCain losing and Obama winning, that they fail to be objective in the least.

2 thoughts on “I’m No President”

  1. An addition to the polling discrepancies, according to Fox News (the video link is below), normal polls show McCain losing Pennsylvania by 13+ points. So why is McCain in there? According to Fox News, McCain’s internal polls show him down by only 1-2 points . . . hmm a discrepancy . . . we will find out in a couple days.

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