Random Election Stuff: Don’t Worry

This morning the Wall Street Journal blogs laid out a scenario for the results for the Socialist Supermajority in Congress and the Presidency.

There may be dark days ahead

…but this is still America. And we may not wake up in heavy chains and the dark dystopian socialist paradise if Obama ascends:

It’s always possible that events — such as a recession — would temper some of these ambitions. Republicans also feared the worst in 1993 when Democrats ran the entire government, but it didn’t turn out that way.

Like ShatteredChina quoted:

The sun will come out tomorrow

Smile… it’s just tomorrow.

Just a thought:

Joe the plumber is a real man.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

Did our favorite socialist just shoot his own foot off?

Please, oh please!

No. Really. You’re kidding me. Barack Obama actually told that Joe the Plumber guy that he wants to “spread the wealth around.” What, did Obama just get done reading the Wikipedia entry on Huey “Share the Wealth” Long or something? Was he somehow channeling that left-wing populist from the Depression? Talk about playing into the most extreme stereotype of your party, that it is infested with socialists.

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