Dirty Pol

Dirty politics are not what people call dirty politics.

Dirty in this context means wrong, false, lying, etc…

Truth is not dirty.

Are you with me so far?

It is a matter of fact that Bill Ayers is an unrepentant (and very lucky) terrorist.

It is a matter of fact that Jeremiah Wright (the man is unworthy of reverence) is a racist agitator.

It is a matter of fact that leading Democrats worked tirelessly to prevent any regulation of the Sub-prime mortgage market and allowed their community organizer arms to berate and bamboozle any who called for protection against this sure failure.

It is a matter of fact that Barack Obama associated himself and his family with the racist agitator Jeremiah Wright, that he valued his relationship with that man, and that he trusted his teaching and his counsel.

To make any of these factual statements is not dirty politics.

It is truth telling.

Dirty politics occur when people lie about their opponent and seek through illegal and unethical means to diminish their statements, beliefs, or person.

Dirty politicians occur more frequently than dirty politics, since even dirty politicians prefer to use the truth whenever possible to gain their desired goal.

Dirty politicians object most stridently to the truth being used against them because they have most to hide and the most to lose.

Dirty politicians cry “dirty politics” most often because they fear the truth most.

Dirty politicians know their so-very-righteous indignation is false at very best and continue using their own dirty methods to achieve their own dirty ends. Their desired end is usually their own power.

Their ultimate end is always the same.

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