One thought on “Experience Counts Everywhere Else”

  1. Obviously by the fact that canidates MUST have hundreds of millions of dollars to win, it is NOT about the experience that is needed to be president as much as the experience to have and raise money in order to advertise -key word- yourself.

    Secondly, our founding fathers never intended the federal vote to matter this much. The state and local votes were suppose to be the more important and I believe overall state-by-state we do a lot better in choosing our canidate. Nevertheless, viva statism, here were are with the federal government at least equal in power to the state. However, people know far less about the federal running canidates and so you could say there is a larger ignorance curve and thus we get people like Clinton, Bush, Kerry, Gore and Obama who are, honestly, all pathetic and can’t really server our country on a federal level, like what we NEED.

    The ONLY answer to the program is less statism/ socialism and more American Nationalism (ie self-government, and holding the federal government accountable to its duties; for example).

    On another note: Isn’t this bail-out just great?! Gotta love Bush for signing us into 12% more debt at the swing of a pen and then…. the stock market went down quite abit.

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