A Real Live…

I just met a real, live, Obama Republican.

The nurse sent by the life insurance agency was a tall, strong, friendly black man of African descent. He saw the piano in the apartment an immediately asked me to play something.

He proceeded through his sample collection and interview with my wife and part way through asked who I was voting for this election. I said “McCain and Palin”.

He then proceeded to, with great excitement, tell me all the failures of Bush, how inexperienced Palin was, how certain it is that she’ll be president at the imminent demise of McCain due to Melanoma. His only argument for Obama was that he found he responded better to changing circumstances.

He is socially and fiscally conservative, but he’d feel safer with Obama in charge.

I found it hard to believe that on ideology and observation, this good man found he could stomach Obama as a significantly preferential choice to McCain in most aspects of the American Presidency.

He was parroting the talking points I’ve only heard of as they are torn apart on talk radio and my good blog friends. I realized that he believed so strongly in the person of Obama that he’d swallowed his aversion to homosexual “marriage”, abortion, and financial liberty, to follow the train of the ‘messiah’ of our time.

One thought on “A Real Live…”

  1. There are far more of those brain washed, cognitive dissinent, media-coolaid drinking fools than us. Because they vote solely on “feelings” and Obama gives everyone the big O. And all’ n all younger people are more willing to be risky and “roll the dice” so to speak. Yeah I vote for McCain because I know for sure what I’m getting myself into and Palin’s character is a breath of fresh air.

    The arguments for Obama are fallacious. The man is a NOBODY with good speaking abilities and speech writers. What foriegn policy does he have; what dozen of peices of legislation has he co-authored; how many years of service has he commited to the armed forces; what state has he governed. It drives me crazy that the sheeple would pick Obama when honstly Palin has more experience in all of those areas and she is the VP canidate! If I were a Dem I’d vote for Biden over Obama.

    “When ‘life’is a commodity, death is near.”

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