No Vacuum Here

Heh, I had to look up whether it was “vaccum” or “vacuum”… maybe it was “vaccuum”…

Driving home with my wife Wednesday evening, we were discussing political parties and issue importance. While both of us tend to side with the Republican party in our voting, we’ve both supported Democrat candidates at times when they were superior to the Republicans running. However, for me at least, those tended to be local candidates.

Given the current over-all state of American politics, the reason it will take a serious set of circumstances for me to vote for a Democrat, no matter how conservative, in a national election, is that the Democrat party as a whole, a generality, and a unit, supports immoral, unethical, and evil policies which figuratively and literally destroy individuals for the sake of a false ideal of innate human goodness and the hidden goal of concentrated totalitarian power.

While individually there are Democrats who espouse beliefs closer to mine (such as the so-called “Blue-Dog Democrats”) than those of some Republicans, the Democrat party requires loyalty of its members to a set of guidelines which include policies such as Abortion on demand, socialist welfare programs, income redistribution, to name a few.

Conversely, the Republican party platform has strong positions protecting the unborn and extending true human dignity in that way, minimizing socialist welfare programs, lowering taxes to allow me to choose how and where to spend my money.

Even if the individual person may be ideologically closer to my viewpoint than their opponent, the (D) following their name means they must follow at times their party calls. (Exception being Leiberman, the only man with cojones in his Party)

This is one more reason that in elections for national office, I do not foresee myself ever supporting a Democrat.

And if you’re sitting this one out: you’re wrong. With this election our choices are not obscure or difficult. There is the Socialist with the Liar at his side. And while McCain is no shining knight, he’s strong on foreign affairs, national security, and has been trumpeting for changes which would have averted this financial mess for years. And he showed he recognizes the validity of the Conservative position in his choice of Palin.

To sit out is to give up.

I don’t give up.

5 thoughts on “No Vacuum Here”

  1. More than giving up, not voting would be as significant as a vote for socialism.

    Everyone has the right to choose.
    No one has teh right not to choose.
    No one can choose the consequences of their choice.

  2. The fact that McCain chose Palin (who has more character than much of Congress) is the only reason I see him as different than Bush. And yet again it is another less-of-two-evils. Yet I still see America being sold down the river here by both parties. I believe this “bail-out” is a perfect example of both parties, Democratic House and Republican president, selling us out. Republicans are overall better on social issues but they spend just as much as Democrats.

    Nevertheless, this next election will be interesting.

  3. ShatteredChina it isn’t a matter of socialism v something else. It is a matter of Euro-Socialist v Yester-Year Socialist. Sorry ya’ll you’re still getting socialism.

    Also why isn’t not voting a vote for the Republican ticket. If I’m Republican and don’t vote I’m voting for the Dems? If I’m a Dem and don’t vote I’m voting for the Republicans? I see this argument as a matter of perspective.

  4. Not voting is, in essence, a vote for the winning canidate reguardless of the party.

    A persons refusal to vote definatly effects the election results because, while it doesn’t make the winning canidate win, it makes it easier for the winning canidate to win.

    In this particular situations, I extended this to say a vote for socialism due to the overwhelming (ignorant, arogant, illegal [ask me about this if you want more information], unethical, and spineless) support for Obama.

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