Just On Principle…

I don’t like it when the government takes 40% of my money or nearly 50% of others’ money.

I do not care for presidential candidates who plan on taking more of my money. And if they promise to give more of it back, my first question is: “why did you need to take it in the first place?”

And so I do not like Barak Hussein Obama as presidential candidate.

Barak Hussein Obama’s tax policies are untenable, immoral, and will tip this nation into financial ruin.

When it is hard to make an honest living, it is easier to make a dishonest one.

We are responsible for the the results of our ideas: Barak will be to blame for the worst recessional economy in America, he will be responsible for making America a little more like he thinks it is now: dirty, vile, unworthy.

And so, just on principle, I oppose his candidacy.

5 thoughts on “Just On Principle…”

  1. Please learn how to spell Barack Obama’s name before you criticize him. This filth you write is so juvenile and pathetic. I pity you. I really do. This nation IS in financial ruin after 8 years of a conservative Christian.

  2. Dan, were you a friend of Matthew’s? I just saw that your IP address came to the site with a query regarding Matthew and wanted to know how you heard? I just wanted to extend my condolences on the loss of whom I assume to be your friend.

    On to your comment: Be careful how you use broad brushes such as “conservative Christian”, they tend to be inaccurate at best. And taken overall, the economy is going rather well.

    Yes banks were getting used to ignoring risk, and people were being encouraged to do the same, and several people stuck their heads too far out. But when the papers scream that FORECLOSURES ARE UP …% they leave out the face that it’s still in the high hundreds and low thousands of people who are affected, people who ought not have received those mortgages in the first place.

    A funny thing about this economy and the inflated claims about it’s doldrums is that when polls ask people how the whole economy is going or how everyone else is faring, the response is “terrible” but when they ask how that particular person is doing the response is overwhelmingly “great”.

    So don’t believe the calculated and politically expedient lies which have been foisted upon you. Despite record gas prices and a rising cost of living, you’re very likely to survive and even more likely to thrive.

    And when you consider the implications of confiscatory tax policy such as that proposed by Barack (hey, I can learn) Obama, you’ll realize that if you think this economy stinks…

    …you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

  3. yes i knew matthew.

    When I saw your previous post I could not help but respond. Even now I was going to write a detailed response until I read some of your older posts. I am simply not in the mood to begin to address all the errors in those strongly anti-homosexual and anti-progress blogs. They are rubbish.

  4. Heh, I know the feeling. It’s like here on the internet everybody is shouting with their fingers in their ears.
    It’s so easy to see some bit we disagree with emphatically and throw back some pithy response for the first few times…
    …then you realize the likelihood of your pithy and well-thought responses have so little chance of actually changing anything or convincing anybody, you wonder if it is worthwhile.

    I keep writing for myself. It’s nice knowing some people read me and disagree or agree, but I write because I want to and because maybe I’ll have enough good stuff eventually to publish a book or something.

    And you think: “Oh, help, No! Not another conservative hit piece that spends a few weeks on the best seller list.”

    Thanks for visiting Dan, and if you feel in the mood to reply someday, you’re always welcome back.

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