A Currency To Save American Lives

A friend of mine who has started a blog writes about a speech by Congressman Mike Pence on Senator John McCain:

John McCain was never my first choice for Republican nominee. I didn’t like a lot about him. But not long ago, I read a speech by a trusted Congressman (suprisingly not an oxy-moron in this case!) that gave me hope. And by hope, I mean what that word used to mean before the Obama Dictionary came out, in which it is defined as “………………..”. For real! Look it up yourself! I guarantee you will find an empty space in his dictionary.

Congressman Pence says that John McCain has a currency, a name created from deeds and history, which will save American lives:

The Sheik bowed deeply, then took both of Senator McCain’s hands in his. “It is a special privilege to meet you, Senator McCain,” and then, alluding to McCain’s record as a Navy airman, P.O.W. and upbringing as the son and the grandson of 4-Star Admirals in the Navy, he said. “We know of you and your warrior past and of we know of your proud family of warriors and we respect you”.

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  1. McCain would really get conservatives excited if he picked Mike Pence as his VP. Pence helps in all the areas Senator McCain lacks. Pence is not perfect though and going forward he needs to decide if he wants to be a politician or a statesman. For now, Pence is by far the best choice for Vice President.

    2 Corinthians 11

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