Small Gods

The Greek gods were capricious and entirely human in their emotional and mental contruction, with superhuman strength and ability.

The Romans gods were the Greek’s gods renamed.

The Muslim god is angry and your past, present and future are subject to his will. Die on his bad hair day and you’re screwed.

The atheists god is nothing, himself.

The agnostics god is confused, incredulous.

How have we made our god small? Or human? And thereby limited our own ability through our god’s contained strength?

I pray that I will not be guilty of making my God small. I can do all things through God who strengthens me.

If my god is weak, I am weak.

I hope I allow God who I serve to be as strong as He truly is.

2 thoughts on “Small Gods”

  1. "I can do all things through God who strengthens me." Are you serious? Matt, you can do all things through YOURSELF! God did not win the '85 Super Bowl, Da Bears did. You, and you alone, strengthen yourself.

  2. It is a lonely path, all alone. Freud thought we were all looking, through sexualized perspectives, for safety in the warmth of our parents, and that the god-myth grew from a strong oedipal desire. But Freud never forgave his own father his weaknesses and, from his own theories, we must then call into question this very core of this argument. It defeats itself.

    Where then does the idea of God come from? Other cultures have gods that have stories, that live lives, that make mistakes, attained their majesty through chance and fate, and are as fallible as their creaturely creators.

    The God who strengthens me has no such weakness or back story. He was as He is, without beginning and end. Who makes this up? How does this myth begin?

    Mankind has expressed a propensity only for creating gods he can manage. This God will not be managed.
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