10% Just For Starting

President Bush finally put some actions to his words and repealed the federal ban on off-shore oil drilling.

I have no proof of casual relationship, but this week the price of gas in Chicagoland dropped nearly 10%, from $4.40 per gallon (Monday) for regular unleaded to $4.10 (Friday).

I say open ANWR and let the goodness roll.

There is no legitimate or reasonable reason for not putting value to the resources available to us.

2 thoughts on “10% Just For Starting”

  1. Hi Matthew —
    It’s been forever since I’ve been over here. The new format is awesome. It’s been a busy summer and I haven’t been keeping up on reading my favorite blogs. 🙂

    Anyway, I noticed today that gas was $4.08 and with our discount card, it would be $4.03 here in our town in Wyoming. However, on this past Wednesday, when Tieki and I were traveling home from Colorado, there was a small town we gassed up in and paid $3.86 — the cheapest we found it the entire trip.

    We were driving Tieki’s little Nissan Sentra to save on gas. Our GMC Sierra has been parked most of the summer, only being used for necessity. 🙁

  2. Thank you for the theme comment, pulled it from the theme updates in the WordPress admin page.

    I’ll be getting married this weekend and driving from Dallas to Chicago next week in a small moving truck, so the better gas prices across the rest of America will be very appreciated. 🙂

    Several of the people at work are bringing their motorcycles to work more frequently for obvious reasons as well.

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