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Found this on a pro-homosexual blog from the California Central-Valley city of Visalia:

I found this through a member of the International Court System emails.

Can you believe a company can actually get away with this?

I choose not to shop here until they change their policies and who knows. Maybe I will take my business elsewhere from now on.


Read more at the Manteca Bulletin

3 thoughts on “Support Dollar Tree”

  1. Dollar Tree, yesterday, stated they are providing benefits, now and were just waiting for the ok from their insurance company before they approved it. You can start shopping there again!

  2. Meh. Another “sheeple” bites the dust.

    Why would an insurance company support a lifestyle whose average life expectancy is just over half that of a heterosexual person? Not to mention the increased health costs of living in a high-risk behavior lifestyle?

    Oh yea.

    Because the government requires them to.

    What about the free market? Allow those insurance companies who want to, support homosexual lifestyles, with their necessarily higher premiums and accompanying risk factors. And allow those who do not desire to support that lifestyle, not have to.

    Why must we mandate such things?

    And consider this, if you support such mandated lifestyle acceptance: What the government can give, it can also take away.

  3. First of all, the comment “average life expectancy is just over half that of a heterosexual person” is false. The “source” for that used obituaries in the San Francisco area during the height of the crisis. Hardly a scientifically valid method.
    High risk behavior is unrelated to sexuality, plenty of heterosexuals engage in high risk behavior, too.
    As far as government requirements on the insurance industry, good luck getting health insurance in an unregulated industry if you smoke, drink, have a family history of diabetes or heart disease. This industry has no concern for you, only their bottom line. Government regulation, while far from perfect, is better than the alternative.
    And we’re not a “pro-homosexual blog”. We are a Queer blog site. We welcome everyone: queer, gay, homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual, transsexual, questioning…. whatever one’s status. Come check us out, we welcome all visitors.

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