Big Brother Knows Best

The true solution is revealed in the nice lady who says that some bakeries have noted some demand for this healthier fare.
So then why do we not simply allow the market to work? If there is demand for healthier fare, bakeries will take advantage of that demand and work to supply product to meet the demand.

No fines or fees or arm-twisting needed.

No, it is just so obvious that the real reason the city of New York has made this a legal issue is that there are people who believe they know best how we ought to live. And they view themselves are caretakers of the general populace, protecting the idiot rest of us from our own carnal desires. These kinds of people tend to congregate in government, and they find each other.

For their own good, we should outlaw them.

4 thoughts on “Big Brother Knows Best”

  1. Oh yes, what a brave new world we live in. Of course some bakeries are excited about this move. Either they have whole-heartedly bought into the deal or their product line will benefit through a possible elimination of, or detriment to, their competition. Yes, trans-fats are bad, and maybe people wouldn’t stop eating them if they weren’t made illegal, but I agree with you that the issue was dealt with in the wrong way (we could have made so many basic hygiene changes this way. We could have arrested people for not brushing their teeth I suppose).

  2. The question needs to be asked is how people lived 100’s of years ago without a care as to the amount of fats in their foods?

    My great grandfathers lived to old ages. Why? My mom tells me they ate what they wanted and all of what they wanted. Her description of the lard in the food and the amount of frying they did back then makes even me queasy. So what’s different now?

  3. I agree.
    I agree totally.
    Our great grandfathers worked long hard hours. The women didn’t have machines doing all the work, and the children had chores early to morning and late in the evening.
    It was a different life indeed.

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