“Lie Back And Enjoy It”

The Lady Roxanne de Luca, contributing author at Haemet, has penned this gem regarding the recent Supreme Court decision finding it illegal to sentence those guilty of raping children to the death penalty:

(L)iberals have just written a Supreme Court opinion which is the jurisprudential equivalent of “If rape is inevitable, lie back and enjoy it.”

Well put Roxanne.

Here we have one more glaring reason why this election matters so very, very much.

4 thoughts on ““Lie Back And Enjoy It””

  1. I swear IF McCain wins and IF he has an opprotunity to election a Supreme Court justice and IF they are liberal and then verify it by condoning something that is modern liberalism you’ll have to put soap in your mouth and never say McCain ever!

    If I am wrong, however – though unlikely – I’ll say you were right and I was wrong and that I’ll surely vote for the next Republican. Fair?

  2. What about the third option? You and however many other people don’t vote and Obama wins. Then we will have a modern socialist humanist supreme court justice for sure. Do we get to say, “I told you so” as that justice votes against everything we believe in for 40+ years?

  3. No, because I already know what I’m getting. So the, “I told you so,” wouldn’t make any sense.

    Anyways, I was just hoping to get a laugh. 😀

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