One thought on “I Dunno Why, But This Is Entertaining”

  1. Those Mormon kids are plebians. They are spoon fed all this marketing information for the book of Mormon and Jesus Christ is merely a tool to peddle Joseph Smith; the one who came to straighten out Christianity. They are such self righteous kids.

    On a second note, I really like the characteristics of black people which makes them out going and charismatic. lol. However, his style is that of a snowblower and one that jumps from conclusion to statment to conclusion and fishing for his answer; moving so fast people can’t process nor respond. My black co-worker tries to do this to me (by nature) but I have become accustom to it and the fact is you need to think faster, using a lot of empathy and body language to get your point across.

    His point about using Luke 21:15, which does say what he said, is in the context of the fall of Jerusalem and how advesaries will not have an argument against the Word and secondly just because people disagree about things in the Bible doesn’t mean one is not a Christian. Christians have disagreements ALOT. So that argument is weak and his conclusion, that they must not be Christians, is not sound. These kids will just go home and tell their dads and be consoled and recommit themselves to Mormonism. I believe there was more arrogance than progress there.

    The trick in debating anyone like the black man is to keep up with them, filter and refine their argument and grant them their silly little points and then make your case for a bigger point that is more important.

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