One thought on “Think Again”

  1. Well surely you have not to convince me as the people who’ve been more rabidly anti-christian have been the homosexual mafia. From politicians to the media and educational systems Christian beliefs are again and again discriminated against. It’s not good enough for them that we equally share our beliefs because Satan knows the power of the Gospel will win, but we must be utterly silenced! Many Christians have taken the power of the Word for granted and also have slacked in Christian theology and apologetics due to the pre-mil evangelical movement which preachs the end is tomorrow why bother to do anything but save yourself.

    OH no, this is surely not over for either side. The fact that these extremely few people are completely overturning the vote and gaining rights to marriage and the redefining of marriage just goes to show it doesn’t take a majority. This also favors devote Christians, as we are also a minority. What we must work on is being first courageous enough to form a biblical and reasonable position, secondly becoming aware of the events around us, thirdly voicing our opinion in emails, letters, etc, voting and raising our families; and having lots of children. Hey I’ll be frank, we Christians must have three or more children because only two replace our deaths; the more is better Lord willing. History shows the slow process of outbreading your oppenents works; hey its working in Canada, the UK, and France for the Muslims. What’s more advantageous than the ability to have children over homosexual couples who can not. Honestly?

    I digress for a moment, though, to say having a family is indeed for the progress for the kingdom of the LORD and to His joy also. With a good marriage foundation and the opprotunities to raise children in a healthy environment it is part of taking dominion; we can’t do it by ourselves. I grant though that children have their volition and parents can’t force upon them these beliefs but must show them through our living and reason the Word of God to be true.

    In November in CA we are to vote on banning gay marriage; again. But I have a bad feeling it will not make a difference because the liberals will say, “How can you with a good conscience invalidate their marriage licenses they got in June?” And the sheeple will cry and the media will back them up. They are some serious… fools to say it nicely.

    Maybe I’m taking this all a little to hard, and not having enough faith in God, but I pray He helps us all because this sin is often where God draws the line. The name “Sodom” and Gomorrah isn’t used “just because.”

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