Trading Freedom For Statism: Homosexual Marriage

From Americans For Truth

This is from the homosexual magazine The Advocate (emphasis added) [written by novelist Armistead Maupin]:

“The battle has largely been won, I think. The mean and tiny minds who’ve made it their mission to ‘defend marriage’ have existed in every era and have always lost. They lost when black people were given the right to vote. They lost when women were finally enfranchised. They lost when the ban on interracial marriage was lifted. And in each of these instances they claimed with a righteous certainty to have God on their side, only to be roundly defeated by the abiding decency and good sense of the American people. Now we’re in the midst of another seismic culture shift, thanks to several generations of lesbians and gay men who’ve refused to live their lives in hiding. People know who we are now, and we’re just not that scary anymore. The old bigots are dying off, and the young ones are learning, at the very least, to deny their homophobia. Our happy ending is finally in sight.


–Armistead Maupin, “Calling a New Army of Lovers,” The Advocate magazine (the leading national magazine for homosexuals), July 1, 2008, p. 41. According to The Advocate, “Maupin is on tour for the paperback edition of his ninth novel, Michael Tolliver Lives, published by HarperCollins.”

What I find interesting about all of these articles is that they have nothing to do with sexuality, parenting, rights, etc. It is fundamentally about power. From the debate over abortion, sexual freedom, transgender and homosexuality, etc, it is about power for the sake of power. It doesn’t matter that people get STDs from promiscuous sex, or get pregnant, or “humped-n-dumped” physically and emotionally. It doesn’t matter that abortion kills the most sacred form of life and obviously must traumatize the mother and family. It doesn’t matter that homosexuality doesn’t have the ability to have children nor raise them in a balanced family; which doesn’t mean it is impossible, it is not ideal. What matters is the power of redefining everything to fit specific lifestyles.

This agenda has become so important that even our democratic system isn’t good enough and has been overrun in many cases from San Francisco, Mass. and today at 5 pst “same-sex marriages” will be granted in CA; even though several years ago (2000 I believe) the people voted against homosexual marriage. This clear disregard for democracy and common sense just goes to show how desperate these minorities are for validation and now because the STATE says so, it is so. Therefore, in their attempt to be accepted they have promoted statism. This same statism in forty years (my generation) can take it back and invalidate homosexual marriages. They would say it is not right and not fair, etc, but they should be careful who to sell themselves to.

The people pushing for homosexual marriage and abortion fail to see because they want acceptance so badly they are useful idiots to increase the power of the state and the people behind the scenes gaining the power are the ones who actually “win.” Christians are NOT the enemy because we seek to be responsible, accountable, moral and ethical people by placing God over us and not the State. Historically, for all of the murder people accuse God of, the State has murdered far more people and caused far more suffering. The 20th century saw the greatest amount of suffering due to statism. Nazi Germany, communist Russia and communist China murdered somewhere on the order of 80 million people from war, concentration camps, starvation, civil war, and disease. The great statist empires of history have also been bathed in blood from Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Therefore, I put my trust and hope in God.

People may celebrate now, but it will not last because if America continues on this path they will be some of the first to be rounded up and marked as degenerate and unwanted just as Nazi Germany did; granted not tomorrow or in my life time. The point being, be very careful because to trade freedom for anything is NOT a good trade. It definitely a sad state of affairs here in CA.

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  1. This is accelerating more and more quickly. The broader church is asleep and can’t see how their freedom of speech is about to disappear.

  2. I can’t really tell whether this is statism as you suggest or the continuing trend of anarchy in the name of autonomy. But I liked reading your thoughts on the matter.

  3. Thanks.

    The reason I argue it is statism is because the state took into its hands this decision and completely ignored the voters. The homosexual minority of course does not care who grants them this, whether it be the state fiat or the peoples’ vote. But god forbid the majority pushing for opposite sex marriage try to do this, no, they must go through the voting process.

    I do however, believe this trend is coming to an end. One by one the liberal establishment is dieing off and although there are still people who hate God (in general) people on both sides are becoming more reasonable. My generation in general is more conservative. This doesn’t necessarily mean Christian but at least they will sooner come to see the values of family are very important.

  4. Thanks for writing all these articles the last few days J. I’ve been kinda lonely over here and had no idea I just had to slow down my posting to get you to come back.

    I’ve been watching this issue in California and being so far away have not been able to get a read on the pulse of the people.

    What are your peers and those you’re around at School and Work thinking about this?

  5. Sure Matt,

    I’ve just got done with my school quarter and have more time and energy on my hands and these issues concern me and are worth posting about.

    In general most people around me don’t care. My coworkers for the most part disagree with it because they’re older and most of them Christian (although I’m sure if they were in their 20s they wouldn’t care either) but I know most of the students don’t care either. Here in CA everyone has been beaten constantly with lie after lie from this is about civil rights, or marriage is merely an agreement between two people, or homosexuality is normal, etc. We are all numb to it really and that is their objective. No one realizes first what it means to a society because they fail to see how it, “effects me.”

    It isn’t until someone gets mugged do they realize they would’ve like to have something to protect themselves, like a gun. It isn’t until one must make the decision to keep a child or to abort do they really understand the issue. It isn’t until one’s young child is brutally murdered that they consider the validity of the death penalty. By the same token it isn’t until you have a close friend or family member that is gay, or you yourself are, that you can better understand the issue. Nevertheless, for all of the context abortion, murder and homosexuality are wrong, regardless of the reasons. Understanding the person and situation is only necessary for the state for properly administering punishment; which is why, for example, there is first and second degree homicide.

    It will not be until people start to push for polygamy and other things that people may (?) see the consequences of this ruling. The fundamental problem with homosexual “marriage” is ‘life’ has become a commodity. Life from the birth, development and process is not appreciated or cherished. And as I’ve been saying for sometime: “When life becomes a commodity, death is near.” I argue this because when people care not to find a fruitful relationship, with the end being raising healthy children for the betterment and progress of a society, they are selfish and not equal to those who choose to contribute to the future of a society. This also goes for people who “shack up,” have children out of marriage, cheat on their spouse, etc.

    The point of revealing the morals and laws to man, God is acting as a loving parent would do. Just as a parent tries to keep their child on the straight and narrow (because there are many distractions) so does God warn us and provide a general guide. We need not suffer certain things to figure out if it is good or not. Not only does God’s word say so but all of history does too; but in our human genius here we go again and try to test the word of God. I just wish they didn’t have to take my America with them.

    Although I realize this is one of the moral cycles, all nations go through; I still am not pleased with it. I pray our generation can first bring hope back to our families and then our community and then our state.

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