Obama Pro Post-Birth Abortion

A friend’s status on Facebook spotted by American Texan caught my attention.

Now that we know who the two main options are in the United States presidential election, we need to know where they stand. This election will be, for conservatives, very much a lesser of two evils election.

I’m not one who likes to use that phrase, and I did not believe the GW Bush was a lesser evil in his elections. But given two people with very obvious track records, we are now faced with such a choice: between liberal McCain and socialist/communist Obama.

This gives conservatives a distinct disadvantage in this election: Democrats and Liberals and old hippies and young communists in the college systems of America have their perfect candidate and will be excited and mobilized easily. We have a lesser of two evils and will be dragging out feet. Thank you Mr. Medved.

Obama is pro post-birth abortion

Search google for “Obama post-birth abortion” and you see the details.

Two Conservatives lay out the details: Obama has voted repeatedly and consistently against so-called “born alive infant protection” acts which state that any homo sapien who is outside of the mother and alive is afforded all the protections of any other normal human.

Even the extremely liberal Senator Boxer from California has stated that such provisions do nothing to limit the rights defined by Roe v Wade and supports such measures.

If the stated purpose of regular and common abortion is to protect the health of the woman, then Obama is pro-murder and infanticide, not just abortion. By voting “present” and “no” in such votes, he has stated rather clearly his intention to support all forms of killing the innocent and weak among us for no greater purpose than convenience.

He has said he’d support such provisions when they include language specifying they do not infringe on the “rights” defined in Roe v Wade, but such provisions have also been before him to vote, and he has again voted “present” and refused to support them.

He wants to have his cake and eat it too, he supports one position  verbally but in action and application he has made his true intent and heart known very clearly.

For more information see Laura Echevarria’s list of Obama quotes on abortion.

3 thoughts on “Obama Pro Post-Birth Abortion”

  1. As a younger person I am attracted to Obama and this “change” he preachs. I do think there needs to be change. I am tired of the old Red and the old Blue. I’m honestly ready for a third party (at the most) and at the very least a move towards Christian principles by both parties; but this is NOT the change Obama is preaching. Obama is a good speaker who makes you feel good but in none of his speechs have I heard a shred of content. This is very typical of Dem/lib strategies. The masses of useful idiots are drawn to the light that makes them feel good.

    For personal and political reasons he joined the Black power church in Chicago and for the same reasons left it. Do I trust now that his heart has changed or that what he says has changed; typically Dem startegy. And this has absolutely NOTHING to do with race. I’m more likely to vote for MLKj to be president than Obama. McCain is who he says he is and has always been that way and at least I can trust in that.

    Obama’s change will call for more statism and less democracy. More state funded programs for their agendas. More social programs for illegals and people who choose to be lazy. He will pay for this via taxes upon me and others who enjoy the choice to work hard.

    In good conscience I can’t vote for Obama. McBush (I mean McCain) I know, however, will put in constitutional judges, make a reasonable plan to get our of Iraq, not raise taxes, bridge the party divide (more than Bush) and be the status quo Rep and buy time for my generations which is more conservative; we can’t ask for more.

    Nevertheless, this will be an interesting election. More so than Bush v Kerry. If McCain wins he’ll have broken the pattern of the young charasmatic Dem always winning over the older Rep. We shall see.

  2. JPennStar, I know this is almost a month old, but I am surprised. It seems you are more negative McCain now than you were a month ago. Any reason for the change?

    And although I agree with Matthew in his analysis, I’m afraid I need to correct the record about Bush. He is at least as liberal as McCain. He may be “conservative” on social issues but as a President he has acted more socialist than many liberals. He has institute the largest increases in Federal spending since “The Great Society” and LBJ. The budget went from under $2 trillion when he took office to over $3 this past year. He launched the largest increases the Department of Education (which shouldn’t even exist) and Medicare (Which is already a really screwed up system) have seen since LBJ. So, he may be a nice guy, and to be honest, I like the guy and think he’s a good guy. However, let’s not let that keep us from calling a spade a spade. He is quite liberal in the areas that are going to have the largest impact on the country over the next half century to a century.

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