Kennedy Cancer

I do not believe God can generally be termed retributive to those of us He allows to continue on this earth. Instead, Grace and Mercy are His hallmarks as He seeks to draw us to Himself, giving us ample and sufficient evidence for His existence, glory, and purpose.

God in His sovereignty allowing Senator Kennedy is not an act of justice or punishment. It is another likely completely misunderstood example of God’s sovereignty working in our world to cause us either to draw near to Him or to condemn ourselves with the hardening of our own hearts.

I do not believe Senator Kennedy is a man of honor. I do not believe he is a man of courage. Nor of conviction, nor of morals.

But he is a man.

And in his humanity, I grieve for him, for his family, and for others who are hurt by this new struggle he is facing.

Now, if only Katie Couric were able to stop herself from being quite so thrilled at this opportunity for political grandstanding on behalf of this fixture of the Senate.

6 thoughts on “Kennedy Cancer”

  1. I feel bad for Kennedy in a generic sense, but since I don’t know him personally I really don’t feel any worse for him than any other cancer victim on our church’s prayer chain, for example.

    Couric said something about shaking the nation to its core. I think that is a bit of an overstatement.

  2. Grieving?!

    I’m going to be partying once he dies! Not only will he go to heaven to be in a place where he can do more damage to America, and I’m sure he’ll be happier, but America will be free of this baby boomer! Everyone wins really. Not all Christians comes in the same forum, some are simplier some are more like pastors and preists but it ONLY takes the acceptance of Jesus Christ’s grace to go to heaven; I’m sure Kennedy has done this at sometime in his life. With that said, lets party!

    Now who’s next?

    High Fives? 😀

  3. It’s like finding out your old comfortable couch has broken and will need replacing:

    You’re kinda sorry to see it leave, it was so easy to hate and complain about…

    but you get to pick a new one now!

  4. Teddy’s got Kopechne Cancer, a rare form of retribution from murder which is manifested as little killer demons growing in the guilty’s brain.

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