6 thoughts on “Spam”

  1. WordPress does it automatically and does a pretty good job of picking it up. I get some stray sp*ms now and then, but not many.

  2. Ditto what Neil said. Akismet is what they use though. Every once in awhile it will let things slip through but thankfully it doesn’t happen much. They usually get it under control fairly quickly. One thing you can do to help out is set your comments so that a commenter has to have one approved comment otherwise it stays in moderation until you approve it. That way regular commenters get through with no problem but new comments must be seen and approved by you first.

  3. I’ve considered requiring one approved comment prior to regular posting, and on a low-volume blog such as I, Pandora, that would make sense. However, I really don’t want to be tied to my blog any more than necessary while not inhibiting any discussion which *might* occur here.

    While there haven’t really been any great fire-storms of comments here, I guess I live in Hope and don’t want to be standing in it’s way when it comes along.


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