Why I Will Vote This Election

Because I don’t take politics too seriously.

I sympathize with Ms. Green: there is nobody I really like out there right now.

I am a moral absolutist, an incurable optimist, and purist, and an artist. I deal in complex absolutes and relish it.

Politics is not about absolutes though. Politics is the business compromise.

The goal of politics is to use relationships of convenience and shared purpose to achieve and incremental and gradual change to return America to where it ought to be.

The enemies of right and good have used this same tactic to pull us away from our mooring, setting us adrift on the sea with a gale wind blowing towards the shoals of socialism.

But politics has a problem: it is only a mirror of the culture.

Americans are finding it is good to vote money to themselves from the pot.

Elections are becoming more and more about what we can vote for ourselves. More about campaign promises and less about the right and good and correct path. More about self and me and less about us and them.

So what will fix the problem?


Only in the redemptive and heart-changing work where the heart and mind of the person is changed is true change that has a likely chance of lasting beyond the next feel-good and gimme-gimme sessions.

So I vote, not to get my will exactly produced in my elected leaders, but to give me time to work the sea change from the bottom up.

This is why I find world-view classes and training to be so very important. So many Christians vote against God without knowing it. There are many deluded and deceived and yet redeemed souls who do not realize the err of their way.

So I will vote, not for Mr. or Mrs. Right, but for the one who is best.

I can vote for the lesser of two evils with a clear conscience and redouble my efforts next time to continue to fight the fight, first for the hearts and souls of men, and second for the hope of the world through this great land.

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  1. Good points, Matthew. I agree that we should vote for the lesser of two evils, because if one will win it is a vote for “good” (or at least “better”).

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