The Fallacy Of Evolutionary Thinking In America

Survival of the fittest- a predominant thought and prevailing theme in our modern society (especially in the scientific world) – or at least it seems to be.

Do we really live this way, though?

No. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have homeless shelters, orphanages, food kitchens, etc.

However, if survival of the fittest is true, we should just dismiss all the programs, right? Leave the people to fend for themselves.

They either make it or they do not. That’s the teaching of evolution, right?

One species adapts and survives, and those that don’t are weak and die off.

However, in America, individuals, celebrities, etc. are praised for their humanitarian work.

If we did not have these programs, we would come across as cruel and uncaring.

And that’s the fallacy of evolutionary thinking in America.

5 thoughts on “The Fallacy Of Evolutionary Thinking In America”

  1. To state the obvious, these people do a lousy job of consistently living out their worldview. They have no foundation to explain universal morality, and even make a case for moral relativism. But then they can’t go three sentences without telling you why you are morally wrong and should change!

  2. Well I do believe this idea of “survival of the fittest” prevails all over the world because the ideal fueled the communist, abortion and natzi movements throughout the 20th century. Its implications are still seen today also in abortion and communistic China and Russia. I’m sure it also fuels the radicals in Africa whom seem to have no concern about murdering an entire village; although I suppose Islam could do that too.

    I’d also note that those shelters were originally started by religious sects be they Christian, Catholic or Jewish. It wasn’t till the 20th century that the good ol’ government began using governmental monies to begin a plethora of programs and it hasn’t stopped.

    Nevertheless, which I wish this comment would’ve continued, is that there are in fact people who don’t deserve my charity. People will reep what they sow. Our previous generations have reeped what they sowed when they rebelled against their family and friend and had no one to turn to. Family is the first safety net; before anything else. Next is community or church. But because our previous generations, for the most part, failed to do this and help one another out the State has taken over – and our parents let the State do it. Thus no one is really accountable.

    I would honestly rather have the government never be a part of my life except for what the US constitution explicity states. Meaning let me take care of my own self and my own family. It may be hard but it is REAL. I would grant that my life doesn’t prove what I say but that is because I’m a realist and if I have any hope of living in this world and having a chance to roll back the stone of socialism I have to play the game; ie I work for a state University. But I play the game less and vote to push it back and aim to be free of it.

    1. JPennStar, your ignorance is so elegantly pointed out when you say, "Its implications are still seen today also in abortion and communistic China and Russia". Well, in case you've been in a cave for the past two decades, Russia isn't communist anymore. It's capitolist and it's hurting. I also don't get your abortion comment, but it's so damn confusing I won't take that any further.

  3. Hi AT,

    You have to remember that the theory of evolution doesn’t apply to individuals, as it is commonly misunderstood to do, but to groups, and then only over a relatively long time span. It’s also important to note that the Theory doesn’t concern how groups survive, only that they do. Thus, a group that breeds faster than they can be killed is as equally valid an example of success as one that becomes intelligent enough to defend its members from attack.

    If you we are to stretch this idea to nations and/or cultures, then almost none have been around long enough to be appropriate subjects for consideration, yet. The time frame for qualification is, however, a most interesting puzzle. Thanks for something else to wonder about while I’m trying to fall asleep at night 🙂

    the Grit

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