Liveleak is hosting the movie by Geert Wilders.

WARNING: Disturbing images, watch with caution.

Stop Islamisation: Defend Freedom

UPDATE: Liveleak has removed the video and replaced it with a statement. I’m still looking for another feed site with the video.

UPDATE: Found in two parts on Youtube. Please visit Youtube pages to rate and favorite to counter what is going to be a massive onslaught of criticism from those unfriendly to freedom.

Also, because the user who posted these videos has disabled commenting on them, for obvious reasons, please take a moment to visit his profile page and write him an encouraging note.

Part 1 of 2:

Part 2 of 2:

4 thoughts on “Fitna”

  1. Good job. Very fair assessment of the problems with islam and the huge radical segment within it. No matter what nation you look at – radical muslims are murdering innocent people. Where are the so-called “moderate” muslims being outraged over these atrocities? No where to be seen unless it’s to riot over silly cartoons or other foolishness. More politicians should learn to stop licking the boots of terrorists and learn to stand on their hind feet like Geert Wilders instead.

  2. Not a very insightful or helpful post.

    But I think the attempt of Afgan and Iraq war is a good example of the West trying to fight back; although I’d have to somewhat agree and say that I believe the wars are half assed and full of political strife due to the liberals spinelessness.

    As for the video I found it and downloaded it from YouTube but I havn’t brought myself to watch because I know there’s some violent stuff in it and I don’t feel like making my blood boil with rage and anger; I have enough of that right now at the political landscape. But from what I’ve read its a really straight forward presenation of Quranic Islam. Yeah they want to kill us, behead us, enslave us, burka our women, brain wash our children all in the name of Allah.

    WWIII is coming and it will be against Islam. Some 1.6 billion people isn’t a small number of people which is why I say “world” war. Its sad to say also that the war will not be fought properly until FAR more innocent people die to wake the masses of sheeple up to this reality.

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