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  1. I am not sure it’s really that funny, but then again, I can’t expect people to love Geography as I do.

    It does provide some humor depending how you look at it.

    This is a big country and a lot goes on at once, it would be impossible to show news outside of our own and do it justice, although cable news does help in someway providing 24 hour news stories.

    The smaller countries around the world seem to know a lot more about us than we do them, but it seems they have a lot less going on, land is smaller and so are their populations.

    I would prefer though, that teachers, students, and people in general, made an effort to study geography, learn and visit other places, and for heavens sake, read the newspapers via the net if the tv won’t provide this, of what is going on with our neighbors on this big blue ball called Earth.

  2. Hi matthew,

    A few minor corrections:

    1 Africa should be on the map and labeled as “Beware of AIDS.”

    2. Canada should be labeled, “polite and tidy.”

    3. change South America’s label to include “cocaine.”

    Other than that it’s pretty accurate as seen from the average American’s perspective. Of course, if you want the mental image of the world of the average graduate from our public schools, just put the US #1 in the middle of a big fuzzy circle labeled “inefficient and lazy” 🙂

    the Grit

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