Great Lines

Jesus never promised people wealth, or instant healing. He didn’t promise his disciples houses on the coast. Pastor Benny has recast Jesus in his own image. He has forgotten that his Lord died, humiliated, tortured, alone and penniless. But how do you sell that.
~Reverend Dr. David Millikan

Reverend Millikan asking if Benny Hinn is really teaching what Jesus taught? Or simply what will bring him (Hinn) money and power.

It would behoove The Sun to enter the real world. Assumptions do not reality make, and safety is not achieved simply by perceiving it.
~John Farragut, Treasurer, Cornell Republicans, Cornell University

Thanks to Haemet, a Cornell University student, who’s been highlighting the fight for Constitutional Freedoms on the Cornell campus.

John Farragut was responding to an op/ed in the student paper, the Cornell Sun, Way Off Target, regarding the hearings scheduled to discuss the issue of on-campus concealed carry.

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