Blog Line Of The Week & What Did You Learn?

Considering the events of this week, perhaps the star line of the week is inevitable.

In The Point Blog, Stephen Reed writes in Marriage Opens Broad New Vistas:

After almost two years of marriage, I can’t claim to be an expert by any means. But one particular experience marriage presents is the opportunity, on a daily basis, to encounter another person’s view of life, and their reactions, and to see that your own ways of doing things are not at all inevitable for another person.

Something that has been growing on my as a realization, and hopefully a lesson learned (or learning, as is more likely) is the concept I’ve taken to calling “sharing life”. As my fiancee, American Texan, can attest I’ve used this term to describe the mental and emotional and physical aspects of being so deeply involved and invested in another person and their life as they are in yours.

I don’t consider myself a selfish person, but being as I have been, completely independent for  a year and rather so for several years now I am not used to taking others desires much into account in how I live my life.

Now considering marriage, soon, I’m seriously considering implications of “sharing life”.

So what lessons did you learn, do you expect to learn, hope to learn, from your first years of marriage?

And if you’ve had all three, how did they differ?

2 thoughts on “Blog Line Of The Week & What Did You Learn?”

  1. Hey Matt,
    Wow, this was really deep. It’s made me rethink a few things. It’s so true that when you are married or in a deeply committed relationship, you are heavily invested in another’s life as they are in yours. In retrospect, it’s explained a few things to my addled brain.

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