Line Of The Week

All gems are not found in comments around the blogosphere.

Here’s one I found by Gina Dalfonzo on The Point:

“…I thought the goal of schools was to teach kids lessons that would help them in life, not lessons that mom and dad would have to undo in order to give the kids any hope of breaking into the job market. Silly me.”

So what jewels have you found on your travels among the steamy babble of the Interweb?

You don’t have to agree with them. They may be just as shiny an example of stupidity as lucidity. Just make sure to link and attribute.

2 thoughts on “Line Of The Week”

  1. My favorite is this little nugget:
    “In a press release, 281 CARE and W.I.S.E. said that its rights had been violated because of the “enforcement of Minnesota’s statute banning false speech relating to school bond levy referenda.”
    I love the claim that it violates your free speech to not be allowed to lie to the public in matters of the public interest. BTW, this group is brought the lawsuit PREEMPTIVLY because they expected retribution (which never came) from the school district.
    It is from this article:
    Some of the things that this groups said to defeat the bond levy included claims that basic phonics could solve most of the special ed. problems of kids in the school district (phonics cures autism!), and also claims that the school district needed more money because they were recruiting kids from North Minneapolis (predominantly black neighborhood) and paying for them to get to school by Taxi.
    All verifiable lies, but distributed too soon before the election for the school to make an effective rebuttal.

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