12 thoughts on “Why Do You (or Don’t You) Blog?”

  1. I blog
    Almost daily.

    In fact, you might not know this, I also have a photography blog, but don’t often post there.

    Also, I have a blog with another, a sort of USA meets Australia, called Boz and Oz.

    Then, I host a photography challenge, a meme, that uses Word Press Blog, but is more of a submit your photo in the ocmment box kind of thing.

    I think that’s it.

  2. Hey Matthew,

    Thanks for coming by my place, thought I would check yours out. Nice place you’ve got here.

    I blog because my head gets full and I must empty it, so it can fill up with new stuff. It’s a catharsis of whatever is buzzing around in my mind at the time. It’s a place to play with my ideas and the ideas of others. It’s a way of connecting dots and romping through a endless field of possibility. It’s a place to put difficult life lessons out there because even though I’m over them emotionally, they are too big to be ignored.

    I blog because sometimes I can’t fall asleep because I have a galloping case of the brain weasles, and you just have to let them run.

    Pretty typical, really…right? 🙂

  3. My original reason for blogging was to throw ideas out to people and get their feedback. I still do that, but I’ve also found that it can be a great way to keep up with old friends.

  4. I blog because I like to write, I'm rather opinionated, and writing forces me to put otherwise rather non-linear thoughts into some semblance of order.

    Plus, I love meeting new people, such as most of the people who comment here. I believe there are only two or three of the 'regular' who I know in real life besides the other authors.

  5. Good question! It prompted me to do a post on my own that I’d had a draft of for some time.

    One other reason I didn’t list: At least one of my kids reads my blog, and it is a good way to pass along information to her without “preaching.”

  6. I realize after going to 4Simpsons post that you asked WHY.
    I never said WHY I blog.

    I blog to remember things, as writing it down helps.
    I blog to vent.
    I blog to put thoughts in order.
    I blog to keep family and friends all over the world updated on me and my family with one swoop.
    I blog to present news and issues of the day from a viewpoint that might not be mainstream, and perhaps someone else could profit from it.
    I blog to earn a little living for me and my family. THe revenue from google is often up and down, but every little bit helps.
    A good month usually brings me around $30 which helps on at least one bill. Combined with my other sites, the revenue helps even more.
    I blog because at the end of 2005, the news said it was the “word of the year” and I thought I needed to get in on that.
    I blog because I saw there was nothing better than first hand news.
    I blog becauase Fox News said it helped shape the election, people were getting more than the mainstream media.
    I blog sometimes to make a point to others and to myself.

    I blog really, for so many reasons.

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