Hewitt: Let’s Get Together

Senator McCain has a clear path to the nomination, Romney a very uphill battle, and Huck is fighting for 2012 at this point and for a win in a major vote outside of the south. Certainly they should all stay in through the primaries ahead because it isn’t over and because our side needs the excitement of a campaign in such key falls states as Wisconsin, Ohio and Pennsylvania to keep the MSM from turning 100% of its attention on to growing the Obama phenomenon. They ought to be scheduling three man debates in every state, making their points and taking every opportunity to look ahead to the fall.

Read on: Seven Reasons To Support The GOP’s Nominee

His seven reasons are indisputable. Pragmatism or not, there is much more at stake than the hair color of the person we put behind that desk.

Sierra Faith gives this sage advice: Dust yourself off – November is around the corner. Includes some good links.

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