Who Would You Choose

I work in the field of public policy and keep abreast of current events. But despite being in the midst of the primary season, I remain undecided regarding my choice for the nomination. So what better way to make my choice than fill out a questionnaire remotely resembling a personality profile on a matchmaker website.
A friend told me about this web site, so I’ll pass it along: http://www.votechooser.com/

One thought on “Who Would You Choose”

  1. Well that narrowed it down somewhat to a candidate I didn’t think I would go for.

    I suppose most or all of these candidates have public records, it’s a matter of deciphering fact and fiction.

    This is a hard election year.

    George Clooney, who I don’t like very much, put it in a peculiar way, “…we have a black man, a woman, a mormom and a senior citizen.”

    He left out the Baptist Preacher and Ron Paul, who I don’t know what “category” he would have put him in.

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