Public Service Annoucement: Tax Scam

To all y’all who just may think the IRS will voluntarily tell you how much they owe you, be careful. Somebody else thinks you exist.

IRS Scam Email

Things that should tip you off:

  1. The IRS does not contact you by email
  2. The email address is not a government address. IRS addresses would end with “”.
  3. Government emails use more graphics. All your tax dollars have to pay for more bandwidth.
  4. The website the link directs you to is not an IRS website.
  5. No legitimate business ends their communication “Regards, <their company name>”
  6. There is not a copyright on email communication any more than there is a copyright on letters you write.

So just in case you get one of these emails, kindly do the whole world, and especially yourself, a big favor. Just delete it or report it as spam so your email service provider can improve their filters against such scams.

Hat tip to thatmarkguy.

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