“its no the ppls fault”

In comments following the video I found this observation:

“its no the ppls fault its the roads not being salted fault”

Obvious schooling and literacy issues aside, this is a supremely immature reasoning and conclusion. But I fear it is all too commonplace today.

To read the comment literally, we see the fallacy of blaming an inanimate, amoral object. But to take the apparent, obvious, or implied meaning, the government is to blame.

Because the government wasn’t there to plow and salt the roads, these people have suffered damage to their property and cars. That’s what is being said.

What about life requires that the government be responsible for such things? Sure, the government owns and is responsible for maintenance of the roads. But are they required to avert any “act of God”, preventing them from hampering the free exercise of stupidity on the part of the citizens of that government?

I would argue that the government has a reasonable obligation to work to maintain the safety of those things it owns and maintains for specific use and benefit of it’s citizens. If inclement weather is expected and normal, reasonable foresight should be employed to allow an efficient and orderly clearing of the snow or ice. But the government bears no responsibility beyond reasonable protection.

These people driving, and every person engaging in the fruits of freedom and/or liberty, take their safety and security into their hands. Each person is responsible for acting in a manner which minimizes risk to themselves and others on their own. Not because the government requests or requires them to, but because it is the right thing to do.

The government does not have the power in and of itself to say that speeding is wrong. Instead, it has the responsibility demanded by ethics to set reasonable restriction to promote the maximal good to each individual while not inhibiting the liberties of all.

So these people in the video went out on a snowy day with the responsibility to be aware their cars would not operate in the way they are used to them operating. They should have driven at much slower speeds and operated generally with much more caution.

As technology builds up, shielding us from elements of nature, we tend to forget that nature is a much more powerful force than technology and operates on rules much more established and concrete.

Drive at your own risk.

2 thoughts on ““its no the ppls fault””

  1. I like how you put in the comment.
    It sums it all up, doesn’t it?
    The attitude, the lack of education, the quick to blame, and laziness.

    I live in Maryland and snows come.
    I have been out when it wasn’t safe to be out perhaps twice out of those occasions.
    Once, I just had to get home from work, and the snows weren’t expected. Another occation, I felt an obligation to go to a baby shower. Looking back, I drove a snails pace, but I still don’t think I should have been out.

    Back to the comment, it really sums a lot up.

  2. That’s not a snow problem, but a really bad ice problem. I live in Michigan and deal with snow all the time, but that video was just crazy.

    I’m not going to defend the commenter, but there are times when I’d almost agree with him. Like I said, I deal with snow all the time and there are times when they take too long to get anything done. I live down a nasty hill (and to get to work I have no choice but to go up it) and there are times when we don’t get plowed for days. Sure, the people probably shouldn’t have been driving on that, and the people are responsible, but I’ll also say that the plows are often times much too slow.

    On a side note, I can’t believe one of those people jumped out before they hit!

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