Originally posted November 19th, 2006.

Reading the posts scrawled on a rest-stop bathroom wall, this gentleman sees one etched deep into the wood of the wall: “Jesus Saves”. He does not dispute the accuracy nor the necessity of this statement, but he wonders: “Is this evangelism or evandelism?”

How will the world know we are Christians? What will cause them to see they are sick? Only those who know they are sick will see a doctor, and only those who see how that we have what they need will see to find the answer we have found.

It is by sacrificing, giving up something we value to achieve something of greater value. I am reminded of Roger Magnussen’s statement that God hides behind those little compromises waiting for us to make the right decision and then to bless us. A young girl, popular in her school, cheerleader, full of worldly success for someone so young, attends a church youth group and is drawn to the love of Jesus. She is faced with a quandary as the youth meeting is the same night as her cheerleader practice and her coach has told her she cannot miss any more practices and remain on the team. She seeks counsel from her pastor and he tells her that the youth meetings are not required to be a Christian. She agrees but says that to her the youth meetings and her Christian life is more important than cheer leading. The pastor does not see her for several more weeks and assumes that she has decided to continue cheer leading. Then, one at one youth meeting the pastor sees this girl walk in with the most radiant of smiles. She spots the pastor and walks directly over to him and tells him that she told her cheer leading squad and coach that the was not a “cheerleader who happens to be a Christian, but that she is a Christian who happens to be a cheerleader.” The pastor is stunned and then looks behind the girl to see a whole line of girls that have not attended before, and a woman who he has not seen at church before. The girl proceeds to introduce the entire cheer leading squad and the coach who heard this young girls testimony, so simply and directly put and so surely lived that they were drawn as moths to the light and as bees to nectar. Several weeks later the pastor has the joy of baptizing the entire cheer leading squad and then the double joy of seeing one of those freshly baptized girls turn around and baptize her own mother, the coach.

This is not some made up emotional tear jerker to make you want to be a ‘good Christian’, this is a true story and it happened at my church. I am reminded of the Steven Curtis Chapman song that says over and over to “Live Out Loud!” Am I a student/musician/worker/geek/brother/son/nephew/grandson/etc who just happens to be a Christian, or am I a Christian who just happens to be a human living my life out among all these I touch?

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