How To Stay Married…

Originally posted November 30th, 2006.

…to the same person.

Listening to the morning show on the local alternative station, the lady DJ was celebrating her birthday and amid the various calls from listeners offering their congratulations she took a brief interlude to describe her husband of 17 years’ actions on her birthday. The two DJs were talking about age and the lady was somewhat surprised to recall that she and her husband would be celebrating their 17th anniversary a week after her birthday and then she ran down a list of the things her husband did for her that morning.

At 4am her husband woke and made her breakfast before she had to go to work. Then when she got in her car, the stereo was already playing a CD her husband had made of himself singing her favorite songs (now only do this if you know you have a good voice and your mate will enjoy your renditions of your favorite songs, on the other hand it is a very personal touch and a little lack of talent can be overlooked). And then, when she arrived at work (and mind you this is still very early, most shops are not open) there were freshly delivered flowers at her desk. And this was just the morning of her birthday, no telling what the afternoon/evening would bring.

You hear of the ‘strong-silent’ types who are asked by their wives why they never say “I love you” and they say that it’s one of those unspoken things. The wives should just “know” they’re loved. The world doesn’t work that way in general, people need tangible actions and words to reinforce love and assuage doubt. Husbands and wives need to purposefully and regularly give tangible (not practical, tangible) proofs that the other is the most important person in their life. These actions need to be things that are not done for anyone else, ever. The love in a marriage is the most important relationship besides the love we should have for God, and it should be protected and guarded with a special care.

That’s how you stay married.

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