Grinch Award?

Last night, I turned the radio on to the Christian station I have listened to since childhood. I wanted some nice Christmas music and was looking forward to listening to a station I have always respected.

I was a bit surprised to hear “The Grinch” song being played and was about to change the station when the DJ started talking. Intrigued, I listened, for she mentioned it was time to give out “The Grinch Award”.

I couldn’t imagine a Grinch Award having anything but a negative connotation and puzzled over it. I was not left in suspense for long as she proceeded to explain the award and tell who had won it for the week.

She first apologized for the lateness of the award explaining that she did not watch the show, The View, and so had to read an article in the paper about the show later.

Apparently, Barbara Walters grumbled and complained over the Christmas card she received from President and Mrs. Bush because it contained a Bible verse. Barbara Walters was appalled that they sent out a “religious” card.

Because of Barbara’s complaint, this local Christian station gave her the “Grinch Award”.

I am not at all surprised by Barbara’s reaction to receiving such a Christmas card. What more can you expect from someone who does not know and believe the story of Jesus?

I am shocked and appalled at the action of the radio station. They should know better. Their action will only push more people away from Christians.

As believers we are called to reflect and share the love of Christ – and they did the exactly opposite of that.

If anyone here deserves to receive a “Grinch Award” it should be this radio station for their unkind, unloving, and unmerciful act.

5 thoughts on “Grinch Award?”

  1. This is an excellent point. I’d just have probably thought twice and then forgotten the whole thing.

    But you make a very good point. Doesn’t John say “they’ll know we are Christians by the love we show for each other” and Jesus said to “love your enemies, bless those who persecute you, and do good to those who do you wrong”?

  2. Call me a smartass…but isn’t Christmas a Christian holiday? You know, like Jesus being born and all that and thats why we celebrate it with nativity sets and angels and Christian-themed songs? Hey its cool if aethists want to celebrate Christmas, but don’t get offended when the rest of us keep doing it the proper way. A non-Christianed themed Christmas card would be like a thanksgiving dinner with a goat. Right? Make sense?

  3. I think you are exactly right. I mean, though it is a little shocking to hear Barbara tell that on national television… it is also shocking to hear a Christian radio station accuse and be hurtful to others. It’s not what God intended. Matthew brings up this point by saying what Jesus had said, to “Love your enemies, bless those who persecute you, and do good to those who do you wrong.” Which is very true.

    Through a good eighteen years of finding things out the hard way, I have realized what my mom tells me is true. She is a devout Christian; “If someone says something hurtful to you, just smile at them, because some day they’re going to need you.”

    I am also a big believer in not being so nasty to people just because of one thing. Yes, we will be upset, but everyone has their opinion and we must respect it.

    The Grinch was someone who -stole- Christmas, he took away all the material and left the Who’s to realize the real meaning of Christmas, right?

  4. “Oh I’m sorry. I just wont send you good Christian greetings anymore. You know from the person who died for his beliefs, resurrected from it, and then sparked a world revolution for the ends of love, peace and life.”

    Honestly if someone sent me a card with a good message in it, regardless from where it was from, I’d be thankful. People who parade around for “multi-culturalism” and then scorn Christians are hypocrits and jackasses. I respect people and their beliefs as long as they aren’t hypocrites about it. This MC and PC agenda is just a cover to promote atheism and ultimately statism – because if there is no higher power than man, men via the State become god.

    Hope Barbara receives a coal in her stocking.

  5. I have to admit, I’m torn on this one. I think that Baba Wawa was a grinch and quite disrepectful about the card. For pity’s sake, she received a card from the President of the United States and has to complain about it on national television? Very bad form.

    However, you’re also right about the radio station, aren’t we supposed to turn the other cheek?


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