Splogs Think I’m Devil Spawn

Perusing my spam lists today I found one link from a Splog (spam blog) which kinda tickled my funny bone. This particular splog gives a “personal touch” by estimating or parsing the name of the original author, giving a few chosen adjectives of description and following with an excerpt from the scraped article (usually found by automated searching of RSS feeds) and a link to the original article.

To make it more personal, the splog tries to find a first name AND last name for the author, and while I have posted my last name down in the copyright bits in the page footer, the splog didn’t find that and had to guess.

I must say I’m honored to be considered a relation of Lynne and Dick:

Matthew Cheney wrote an interesting post today on
Here’s a quick excerpt
Copyright © 2007 matthew. Visit the original article at http://www.ipandora.net/2007/12/17/frank-ernest-me-blog/. Me Blog. Frank and Ernest, December 17th, 2007. ShareThis. Tags: blog, comic, Frank & Ernest, Humor.

Further humor (to me) comes from the new plugin I installed which inserts a copyright warning at the beginning of the feed version of the article. Because of this the feed scraper only got copyright boilerplate, tag, and plugin information.

Splogs foiled again!

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