I’ve got no proof, but I called this: The National Intelligence Estimate (NIE), the master document of US Intelligence agencies is wrong.

Those for Sharia law around the world have spent the last day crowing that Iran doesn’t have any Nuclear weapons or programs to develop them, stating they’d stopped after we asked them to. But it turns out the report is, putting it nicely, a fabrication.

The NIE was compiled by people who value their own power and ambition over that of the rest of the entire world. Is there a just punishment for this?


Doug Ross put in his (researched) 2 bits on the NIE and has some explanation that should confirm Iran is not being all lovey-dovey as the reporting on the NIE would have us believe.


Powerline gives some perspective.

4 thoughts on “NIE A LIE”

  1. I tend to agree, but its dangerous to say you have no proof. Whatever it is it as best absurd and at worst, treason.
    Have you ever read “The Collapse of the Third Republic” by William Shirer?

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