Acting Presidential: Mitt Romney

Read the story on the far side of this link. Mitt Romney is acting Presidential, very Presidential.

I’m leaning towards Huckabee in my vote in the nomination, but I’m less than happy with his lack of fiscal responsibility and faith in government programs.

Guiliani is a strong man who is honest and truthful, but his social and moral views are very different from my own and I cannot support many of his policies.

Thompson will not be a factor, unless lethargy is a quality.

Paul can keep spinning his little wheels as long as he stops once the primary voting is over and his nuts see just how few of themselves there really were.

McCain is a politician, not a man. He gets ideas in his head and nothing shakes them loose, especially when they are incorrect. Think Campaign Finance Reform, the worst thing to happen to American Politics since the invention of the lie.

The others are also-ran’s. Egotistical or misguided or just unable to recognize they are at the margin of the margin. And incapable of pulling beyond single-digit support, counting their own families.

3 thoughts on “Acting Presidential: Mitt Romney”

  1. Well, a win for Huckabee in Iowa could kill Romneys campaign and propel Giuliani to the nomination. Huckabee is a good speaker and gives one nice warm fuzzies, but he is not presidential material. If you don't want Giuliani, vote Romney. If you want Giuliani, well a vote for Huckabee would do the same thing as voting for Giuliani.

  2. I’m waiting to see how the candidates continue in their respective campaigns before making a decision as to how I’ll vote. I am more inclined to support Romney than Huckabee, but I have some severe qualms, mostly around the fact that he is a Mormon.

    I have good friends who are Mormons and I respect them as generally above-average people in the niceness and honorable categories, however…

    The nature of the Mormon religion is one of deception, and the religious fervor they must work themselves up to in their testimony times is not conducive to statements of truth.

    I am still torn, but I will not support a third party, and barring some extreme case, I will support the Republican nominee.

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