4 thoughts on “Anyone, Anyone?”

  1. You know, I saw this about a month ago, and to be honest, I’m intrigued. I mean, I can’t really tell what Ben Stein’s reasoning for doing this film is, though. Is he really all that upset about the issues that he’s dealing with? From anything else I’ve seen him do, I can’t really say that he would really be taking this seriously. But then again, I guess nothing brings more attention to an issue than making fun of it. Anyway, I’ll most likely try to see this one.

    Josh Boldman

  2. Welcome to I Pandora, Josh.
    I’m sure he’ll use a little humor, but with the number of evolutionists who’ve been crying foul over what they apparently thought was a pro-evolution documentary, I’m keeping my hopes it’ll be a good show and eye-opening.

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