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  1. I’m so sick of these politicians thinking that it is their duty to supplant the Church. Bush as the President of the USA is NOT obligated to spread the Gospel. I’m no “separation of church and state” moron but both State and Church are to stick to their roles and responsibilities. The book of Romans is very clear about how simple the government is to be, as it is solely the body which bears the sword to punish evil; and other things may be concluded from this such as national protection. However, never does it say anyone other than the Church is to spread the Gospel.

    These two faced Republicrats and Demicans make me so angry and disappointed at how far we’ve fall from the original intent. Today these good little morons get up there with their poetic false humility banter and minister guilt politics of only fruitless good intentions. Why does Bush have to be the one? Why can’t this representative do it? And if he does he should be content with his actions! The USA is not the world’s messiah! Jesus Christ is that!
    The underground Church of China is doing a wonderful job at beginning Christianity in China and the LAST thing they need is more attention from the USA government. As soon as people in China received the Bible they’d be rounded up after the cameras. All of history reveals how state forced or administered religion fails; which is totally different than state recognition and respect of religion and how important it is!

    But this is what we call courage?! Both parties are useful morons for progressing this anti-Christian agenda. If he wanted to be courageous he’d boldly state that without Jesus Christ this nation is going to hell is a hand basket. “God”, what does that mean anymore in American? NOTHING! You’re God is my God and our Gods are friends. “God” is but a political ploy now to get compassionate votes. Although we have children studying the Koran and practicing Islam in public school. Although the Iranian dictator can come to this nation and spew his hate and racism! This fool representative needs to look at the red wood tree in his eye before he points out the issues in China. What good is it to present the Bible (which Bible?!) when we can’t even get it right here in America.

  2. I believe you spend too much time listening to Michael Savage, J.

    Personal problems (the beam in our own eye) are indeed needing dealing with, they however do not negate the moral necessity or responsibility of those who see wrong and do not over-react to the issue but speak truth and deal justly.

    We indeed have problems in America, but to withdraw from involvement and engagement of the rest of the world while we work to fix out own problems is a recipe for bringing disaster upon the entire world sooner than if we were to continue to engage the world while working to fix ourselves.

    Just because evil exists within our country doesn't mean those of us who are moral have not responsibility outside our country.

    Or do you believe that missionaries leaving the States to work abroad are immoral as well?

  3. I often tend to think to myself, let’s fix us first, before we can ever help other nations.

    My son who wants to be a missionary, I find myself telling him, “have you seen the condition of our youth HERE in the good ol’ USA? Think about that before you fly off, please.”

    But, we are all on this big blue ball together, and it’s hard to just focus on one place.

    We have responsibilities in and out of this country I am sure.

    The Bible shows us that God bless the nations that gave Him the glory and praise and outwardly loved Him. That’s good enough for me. It also tells what happened to those who used to and later didn’t.

  4. If you listen to Savage you’d know that none of what I said has anything to do with what he says on air, rather it is of my own. What concerns me is that you’re more worried about me calling these politicans names than what they are doing to Christianity in America.

    Matthew none of what you said addressed my fundamental point – That the government in any regard has the authority under doctrine or law to spread the Gospel – specifically spend Bibles around the world. The representative was standing in a governmental building as a governmental officer requesting the US President to take Bibles to China. It would be perfectly fine if he were in Church, on a corner, at a function, etc asking for people to donate money to buy Bibles for China. The same goes for Bush, he could take some of his own money and buy Bibles and give them to China. But rather he’s standing before people of the House who are also representatives. This is clearly guilt politics; which is why I insult him and all the other fakes.

    Is the federal government to deal with these foreign moral issues? Is it the federal government’s responsibility to spread democracy? Where is it ever written or intended in any of the founding documents to do any of these things. No the people were intended to have the power and influence such that we people gather together, as many do, to spread the Gospel, spread ideals and be involved in moral and ethical issues.

    Government has become its own person today rather than being an entity of the people. This is why so many argue that posting the Ten Commandments are unconstitutional. In fact the government is suppose to be a forum in which people, who hold beliefs and life experiences, may express themselves and hopefully ensure that they remain free and not under any man made law as they are being moral and upright under God’s law. But that is their choice and not the government’s responsibility. However, this is not the case and everyone looks to the government today for answers and sustenance.

    There is a very fine line between the government acting on its own versus acting for its people but that is what my entire argument is about.

  5. No J, I think you’ll find when you listen to McCotter that he is asking Mr. President whether he will be bringing any of his own Bibles to China, considering the persecution the church is facing over there. He is not asking Mr. President to be an evangelist, but to question whether he has considered what his brothers and sisters in the faith in China are facing, especially as China seeks to purge dissidents prior to the Olympics.

  6. Matt I’m just looking at what he says at face value and not assuming. I have listened to the video, please don’t patronize me as if I’m dumb. Where does he say, “own Bibles,” why does he address him as “Mr. President” if he meant Bush as a Christian? Why does this representative do it before the House and not to Bush himself? The House floor is not the are to be asking such a question. And then he ends it with, “No good government denies God’s presences.” This clearly contextualizes his words in regard to government and not something between Bush as a Christian and his fellow Christians in China. No, the representative wants Bush as the President of the free world to school China in the fact of what “good government” is.

    I don’t say these things just to be contentious or to be all doom and gloom! I know I come off strongly and seems see the bad over the good. But the reason for this is not because it isn’t true but because I don’t see anyone else balancing the scales. This is not a Red Team v Blue Team nation. It’s always been what is right and wrong and I wouldn’t disagree that the Rep. party is better overall better than the Dem. party but look at how little that is saying. Why can’t we contrast both parties with what would be good for America. I’m tired of hearing, “the lesser of two evils.” This is purely apathy and just accepting it rather than looking to something that it could be and should be. Both parties want us to continue believing this black and white battle as it keeps them in power. Is it not a bad thing that our country is solely run by TWO parties?

    Most of the time we agree on things, especially when I bash the liberals – as that is safe – but can you address the real issues with America and it politics without being tongue and cheek about it?

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