Something I’ve struggled with for sometime is the efficacy of my various efforts over the years to save our struggling culture and reform the hearts and minds of people I meet.

Is political maneuvering the best way to change the culture? No, I don’t believe it is.

Can getting people to vote for the right person and the right bill save America and the world? Yes, it can, and this work is vital to the continued survival of America, but the task is too big, the mountain of the people is overwhelming.

I’m no pessimist. And nearly everyone who calls themselves “realists” are actually pessimists. I’m an idealist and an optimist, but when I consider all the issues that face our nation, the crime, gangs, abortion, encroaching socialism, homosexuality and alternative lifestyles, white collar crime, the media and entertainment culture, and all the other things in modern life which are not all good, they are all dependent on one another. Abortion feeds a culture of irresponsibility among men which supports pornography and crime which feeds a lack of self-control which feeds abuse of women which feeds abortion. And that is by no means a closed loop, causality goes both ways and is not limited to the small pool of ills mentioned.

But the causality for ill and evil are such a tangled and sturdy web that there is precious little chance for the fixing of one issue to “stick” and remain.

Political change can only change the outside, the mask. You can legislate right conduct but you cannot legislate right thought, and it is evil to try.

Instead, you need to balance the political change with a greater work of salvation. Only by Christ entering hearts and minds and reforming the dross and dregs found therein can there for any meaningful change significant enough to affect each and every issue in that person.

Political action is necessary and vital, but the work of Christ is first and foremost a work of the heart. Only by redeeming the hearts of those in the culture can we redeem the culture.

Every person may and each person must follow God’s calling in their lives where they are. Sometimes God calls one to leave where they are and follow Him in acts of more public or visible sacrifice. But the greatest mission for each of us is to, where we are, work to redeem those around us. For by doing this we can redeem the hearts AND the culture.

The effective campaign will seek not to win the hearts, but to change them. And the greater and more effective change is always found in the work of Christ.

One thought on “Efficacy”

  1. I have been singing a similar tune also and you know me Matthew for a post-mil optimist but I to put myself in the camp of realist; I believe you can distinguish the two. I agree that I often hear pessimistic words for so-called realists but the only “real” that they are seeing is exactly what they want to see and not the entire context of it which is where my Christian post-mil attitude comes. Nevertheless, as you pointed out there’s much work to be done.

    The Christian Right is falling away from the faith and honestly no longer represents their base – so typical of using us. No only do they not represent us but they misrepresent us as mystical, irrational, wavering and weak. Religion is merely a crutch now in politics or like race a card for sympathy and credit.

    We’ll see how these next few elections go because the cycle must sway to conservatism if this country wants to remain balanced. These damn baby boomers are the ones who really caused the problems for our century. I can’t blame our grandparents who fought two world wars, two minor wars, a cold war and a great depression.

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