Broken Colored Pencils And The Stolen Ring

I’m speechless…

First off, how does this narcissistic, immature search for self-worth and validation compare with what I do?

Granted, I’m not really a 13 year old, pimply private school kid who really hasn’t a clue, period.

I think this comparison is brought home to me because when I thought about his clip as though I were a 13 year old boy, parts of it made perfect sense. I understood him. Sadly.

I’m glad I grew up. I’m glad my friends didn’t put up with stupidity. I’m glad my parents made me play outside and encouraged my love of reading and Legos and digging holes and climbing trees and swimming and biking.

Seeing what this boy wants: approbation and girls; what he’s willing to do to get them: lie, steal, cheat; and how he feels about it: glee; I’m quite sure his parents, teachers, and peers have modeled for him behavior of a normal but despicable variety.

I wanted almost the same things at his age, and even yet where we differed in desire I did not usually resort to his methods, and when I did I knew I was wrong and did not feel glee about my deception, much less go on the internet and tell 300,000 of my ‘friends’ what I’d done.

His apparent social situation and the prescriptions for fixing him as found in the comments, recommending the standard “get laid”, as though that is the magic wand which fixes all idiocy and immaturity, present little hope of this boy ever getting far out of the morass he’s in.

The only thing which can change him is Christ, and His work is needed all around this boy, his family, and his friends. Who shall tell him?

Until I or another finds him though, his parents ought to pull his computer out of his room, take away his webcam, and make him go outside to play with the neighborhood children. Then perhaps he’ll get the slap he so richly deserves from the little girl, and learn that breaking pencils and stealing rings do not a handsome rogue make.

6 thoughts on “Broken Colored Pencils And The Stolen Ring”

  1. Can I delete this thread? It is a threat to national security as it decreases my IQ and the general publics’ IQ! And God knows that public school system can use all the help they can get!

  2. It was hard to listen too such stupidity. Why does he post this on the net. At some point the girl will learn about this and any head way he had previously made in the relationship will be lost plus more.

  3. I have seen this kid’s videos before. They’re ridiculous. Some of the others are worse.

    Poor kid. Poor nation. Poor ears. [cringe]

  4. Oh, and Matt – if you were “speechless” as you said prior to the video, you wouldn’t have spoken so much following it. [grin]

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