Good Article About Iran

I found this interesting article about Iran. We all know that this nation and Syria are involved in the battle in Iraq but this article puts forth a reasonable arguement for not going to war with them… It’s worth the read…

I wouldn’t go to war with them ONLY because I know we don’t have the political spine for it…

World Tribune LINK

One thought on “Good Article About Iran”

  1. This whole region has been warring with each other for thousands of years, any success in this area will likely always be short lived.

    So I would like to say, it would be easier to just stay out, and stay away from Iran and the whole Middle East. For me, the issue then takes another turn. So many of them don’t just STAY in their area of the Middle East, they mingle among us now in numbers far too big to count. Some here wish us harm. They also go as far as to live and expect their rights here, rights we would never have there.

    So it would be so much easier to leave that area to fight amongst themselves if we isolated ourselves a bit more from them coming in here.

    So, if we are to keep out of the area and mind our own business, for me, the only fair thing is that it go both ways.

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