When Is Good Enough?

Social conservative Christian leaders meetings are being trumpeted by the media. The talking heads crowing that the current crop of Republican presidential contenders are not conservative enough on certain issues and that movers and shakers such as Dr. James Dobson are planning on voting for a third party or not at all if the eventual chosen nominee of either of the two main parties does not support traditional family values such as opposing abortion and support marriage for one man and one woman exclusively.

I agree with these leaders that we desperately need strong leadership, morals and values in our President, without them we really do not have a chance as America. It has been rightly noted that the next President may very well nominate several more Justices to the Supreme Court, and with the current balance of ideology in the Court, the next Justices will direct the Court firmly in either direction.

Things we know for sure:

Hillary will appoint Ginsburg’s and similar justices. Men and women whose moral compass is screwed wrong. This is not a question or a chance, it is a known and acknowledged fact. She is not ashamed to say it. These Justices will direct the court towards the globalization of our legal authority, the affirming and legalization of abortion, the normalization of homosexual “marriage”, and the legal protection of terrorists and the aiders, abettors, and sympathizers, among other things. The Justices will practice judicial activism and will deny the will of the people and their elected representatives and the original intent of the constitution. They will hasten the destruction of America in immorality, wickedness, and the blood of our children.

The front runners of the Republican race, Guiliani and Romney, would appoint justices similar to Scalia and Thomas, who believe in the rule of law and the strong original intent of the Constitution. As such, the will of the people and their elected representatives when codified in law, is the law to them and they would not change it or define it into oblivion. They would deny the constitutionality of Roe V Wade, they would uphold the rights and protections of American citizens and the entire world by denying the supposed “rights” of enemy combatants and terrorists. They would uphold the will of the people in their laws and constitutional amendments protecting marriage between one man and one woman.

I have serious disagreements with the social ideas of Guiliani and qualms about the religious view of Romney, but when the option is Hillary, I will throw my whole weight of support behind them for our Country’s sake.

Of the two, I support Romney right now. He has changed his mind on social issues, but in the right direction.

So what of Thompson, McCain, and the others? Thompson has not done much since he announced his candidacy, wowing few and wooing fewer. He is not consistent in cutting spending or on social issues. I’d support him just as heartily if he were to be the nominee, but I will not support him in the primary. McCain is not good for America. His highest aim is his own preeminence and he can only be trusted to to what is expedient for himself. A selfish man is not a man to whom one gives authority.

Huckabee is trying too hard to be all thing to all people, the funny man, the cool man, the smart man, the right man. He is all things to all, and nothing true. This is sad. I had hoped he’d be a good man for the job, but he would be polling and focus-grouping as much as the last President from Arkansas. And with a name like Huckabee, how can he be elected?

As for Paul, to (mis)quote a bastion of English (French?) literature: “I fart in (his) general direction”. There is neither honor, honesty, nor leadership potential in that man. He tickles the ears of his listeners with good ideas mixed with bad. With false libertarianism and fake posture. His listeners and adherents are as enthusiastic as they are deluded and I pity them, and have little patience for them.

Do I wish there were a strong Christian man with history and depth, with values and strength? Yes. It is a sad commentary on the state of the lazy and bloated, idle Christianity which defines our Country that we do not have a strong man leading the way, an obvious and unimpeachable choice, a shoo in who no one can say wrong about because He is right and good.

We do not have such a man, and to search elsewhere for one is to run the risk of finding ourselves lost in history as those who forsook the good hoping to find the impossible.

One thought on “When Is Good Enough?”

  1. Is this the game we’re to continue playing? Voting for the lesser of two evils? I honestly think we’re doing ourselves a disservice and delaying the inevitable in electing any Democrat or Republican. I’m sick of both parties. I know it sounds like suicide but seriously people need to wake up and smell the corruption of both parties and the depravity of our politics. I spoke to a fellow Christian and he was very apathetic to the idea of politics and honestly could care less. This is quite common today and the ONLY way it changes is with people getting shocked out of their comma. In the lower levels of government I think Rep. and Dem. represent different mind sets but honestly when you get to the tip top they are synonymous with one another. I know others, including Matthew, disagree with me but the only difference between us is our toleration point and mine broke a while back. So in due time others will shift also. Both parties are beyond salvation and even if they are not, we should not masquerade around with either of their names!

    The only good things I see Bush in doing is seating the Justices he did, lowering taxes and helping our economy out of the Clinton recession and doing something about 9/11 – It’s more than what any Dem. would’ve done. However, he’s a global economist, has done absolutely NOTHING to protect our borders and stop the hordes of illegal aliens, and in dozens of ways failed our troops in this supposed “War on Terror”. I realize the media and a fascistic Dems. don’t help but really he went from hero to zero in this last term. Do we even have a president anymore?

    I realize I’m being somewhat of an idealist here but we’ve got to do something about this cycle of Dem. then Rep. I’m currently watching THE WAR by Ken Burns it is astounding what our “boys” had to go through in WWII. Millions of Japs and Italians were interned right here in America. It was an all out war in which our media exonerated the military and loved them! How far we’ve fallen from that. Now every war is just like Vietnam in the media’s and Dems. eyes. And the Rep. know little about WAR – as they all play their “I was in the Vietnam war/ Coast Guard” cards.

    What party then should we elect? I know, good question. I realize what I’m saying, but you’ve also got to consider the options? I’m curious about the goal in general. Is the strategy to vote for Rep. until some third party comes along, because they wont if we just keep voting this way. Once my generation in the popular vote we’ll see how things change. These red diaper doper babies (communist, intoxicated, baby boomers) is the reason for the ills in our government. I know my generation will do better; couldn’t be any worse than our parents. Believe me I want an answer is much as anyone else does and am not walking around with this proudly – I’m rather reluctant.
    Ideally though everything beings from the bottom up and we need to train ourselves and our families in what is good and true. And then we take these and apply them in our communities and church. And then we vote at the ballot and in how we live. Then hopefully one of those kids will grow up to be a good member of our government.

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