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I wrote a response to Herman who had written about theistic evolution and here’s his response.

Hello, whoever you may be.

Thanks for writing.

No one walking on this Earth, besides myself, is an expert on Genesis. Do not

even listen to anyone else trying to expound what Genesis is saying, for they do

not understand the text. There is no “creation account” in Genesis. There is no

such thing as a “creation/evolution” contest. It is “evolution” verses the

“Observations of Moses”, given to Moses by God in 1598 BC, in biblical order,

as revealed by the Living Word (Jesus) in the Gospels.

The world of theology (and creationism) has never understood Genesis, so of

course they would not have told us about this earlier, since they never did their

“homework”. Each day in Genesis, from Gen. 1:2 thru 2:3 was a 24-hr day,

shown to Moses, taken from seven different weeks (1 day from Creation Week,

6 days from 6 restoration weeks), and each week was from a different geologic

age. Genesis chapter two covers about a 200 year period, starting in about 7200

BC, and has nothing to do with chapter one.

There was no “evolution”. There was Creation, followed by extinction, then six

periods of restorations, with five more extinction events in between. If you have

comments, issues, or questions, direct them to me ( ), or read

the book “Moses Didn’t Write About Creation!”.

Why is it that you could not comprehend that the Fourth Day is the earliest in time,
then the fifth day, then the sixth day? The book further explains each day and the
time period that they were taken from.

If you have questions, I’m the one that has been given the authority to answer them.

Please advise,

Isn’t this the funniest thing ever!

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  1. Oh heck… I'll have to find it and then I'll edit this response.

    Wow I can't believe I found it so easily… Google: "Finally we have%" Herman


  2. Yeah the guy obviously misses the “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” And then it goes on to say that on the first day there was light, thus created day and night. And the creation of land. I think he’s, to his benefit of delusion, defining “creation” in his own way. Nothing new, idiots are always doing this to the Bible and honestly anything else they don’t want to understand.

    Sounds like a Joseph Smith to me… “LOOK I FOUND THE GOLD TABLETS… EVERYONE REMAIN CALM!”

  3. Why are all of you so “blind with skepticism”? Where is your common sense?
    You are given the parts of the puzzle, and you can’t understand? The seven days in Genesis 1:2 thru 2:3 WERE NOT LINEAR!! The earliest day was the Fourth Day (Wednesday), the ONLY day of Creation Week which Moses was shown, occurring in 4.6 Billion BC. Then comes the fifth day (Thursday), taken from Restoration Week 1, occurring in about 244 Million BC. There were six Restoration weeks, seven weeks in all. Then comes the sixth day (Friday), taken from Restoration Week 2, occurring in about 64 Million BC. Can you “connect the dots” from here? Read the book, “Moses Didn’t Write About Creation!”,
    which explains the “Observations of Moses”.


  4. Thanks for visiting I, Pandora, Herman.
    I think you’ll find that your thoughts on Creation, while providing great fodder for discussion, are less than credible here as most of the readers here do believe in the inerrant and literal nature of God’s word, the Bible, especially in those parts where the word is a narrative, such as in Genesis.

    You are more than welcome and in fact I highly encourage you to continue discussion, but I can not guarantee that your thoughts may not be torn asunder by the brains who roam here. We don’t have the most lively commentors, but I can vouch for their intelligence and sincerity.

    As far as a literal 7 day creation, I believe that without having the leap through mental hoops or read too finely between the lines, or make wild assumptions, it is very easy to come to the conclusion that the Creation account in Genesis speaks of a literal 7 day Creation process.

    Also, evolution has done little to explain even the natural laws governing physical creation, let alone the creation itself. With exceptions and missing links more prevalent than actual bona-fide transition entities, and the rigidly delineated family structures of creature inhabiting creation, there is little room for an evolutionary explanation such as has been promoted for the last hundred years.

    The God I worship is not too small to bring the entirety of Creation into existence in 6 days, and it appears to me He left plenty of evidence which shows He did.

  5. Funny why is it that Genesis chapter 1 and 2 aren’t linear but the rest of the book is highly chronological! Regardless of the “reading between the lines” non-sense your very arguments do not match the context of the book.

    Let me count the ways… Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6 and then Day 7. I honestly think God and Moses intended to LIST the days in NUMERICAL order for a reason! Second, “created”. Third, the literal use of the words, “evening” and “morning”.

    One’s hermeneutics is first determined by the context being set forth in the text. There’s absolutely nothing in Genesis much less the Pentateuch that gives the reader freedom to figuratively interpret it or read in between the lines. It is straight forward and to the point. Stop mocking God with your ignorance. He doesn’t say he’s omnipotent and omniscient just for us to have us mess up HIS book. The Bible is his book and he authored it via the pen of men; that is it!

    I don’t know what book you’re reading either, sir. Maybe we’re arguing about something totally different; as I see that’s the only rational explanation. Furthermore, you’re claims to divine knowledge and anointment leads us to question you also. Lastly, “why are we so skeptical”, it is because the literal creation week is substantiated not only by my little self but by millions of other Christian scholars, theologians, pastors and apologists in the past and present. Thus it is REASONABLE to doubt you.

    Balance yourself out with some serious study of theology. You’re idea is nothing new, its called Theistic Evolution leaning more towards Evolution. Man this smells of how Premil Dispensation Eschatology completely misses the points of Daniel, Jeremiah and Revelations.

  6. When the blind leads the blind, they both fall in the ditch.

    I’ll give you the same information that someone sensible from Europe asked me earlier this week.

    Four and a half billion years ago, God created our universe, starting with the planet Earth (Gen 1:1).

    In 144 hours (six days), God created the universe, the Earth, and all there in them is, and rested on the seventh day (24 hours). This was Creation Week (Exodus 20:11).

    Now go to Exodus 24:15-16. Moses went midway up the mount on Saturday evening, and God began to show him a 12-hr vision which started about 7:00 PM, and ended at 7:00 AM Sunday morning (the evening and the morning was the first day). At 7:00 AM, Moses went to sleep.

    At 7:00 PM Sunday, God awakes Moses, to shows him the second vision, which ends at 7:00 AM Monday (the evening and the morning was the second day). This goes on for four more days.

    At 7:00 PM Friday evening, there is no vision, because God merely conveys to Moses that God rested on the seventh day (there was no “evening and the morning”). God calls him to come to the top of the mount, for forty days.

    Moses did not understand what he saw, but he had it written down. The days were not shown in chronological order, but in “biblical order” (not linear), which would be revealed by Jesus in the gospels.

    The first day chronologically, which is the Fourth Day (Wednesday), was the only day of Creation Week which Moses was shown. The “lights” were given as a sign for mankind on Earth. Once mankind was removed from the face of the Earth, the “lights” went out (six times in all). This era ends at the close of the “war in Heaven”, when Lucifer returned with his wrath (Revelation chapter 12). This is about 245 Million BC, the first great extinction, recorded in the Bible. This is when our solar system was first bombarded with impacts. Original mankind was removed from the face of the Earth.

    The fifth day was next (Thursday), starting in about 244 Million BC
    (sea monsters and birds). This begins the era of the dinosaurs, which started with Restoration Week 1, and ended with extinction in 65 Million BC, with the second dispatch of mankind being removed from the face of the Earth.

    The sixth day was next (Friday), which began in about 64 Million BC,
    when God first created herbivores (cattle), and giant mammals (beasts
    of the field). Afterwards, God decided to “redesign” mankind to be in His own image, after His likeness. This was Restoration Week 2. This
    era also ends in extinction, in about 42 Million BC. Science is not clear
    on this as of yet, and has not yet found evidence of human life earlier
    than 10 Million BC, but Moses saw mankind (male and female) restored
    together on the Earth right after the re-creation of the animals.

    The rest of the days are covered and dated in the book, “Moses Didn’t
    Write About Creation!” (ISBN: 1424182204).

    Genesis chapter two covers the origins of modern mankind, from about 7200 BC to 7000 BC, with Adam & Eve, starting with Restoration Week 6. Genesis chapter three ends in 4267 BC, with Adam & Eve being expelled from Eden.

    Have you other questions?

    Herman Cummings

  7. It would be wise of everyone to read those verses for themselves. EX 20 is the Ten Commandments and 24 is where Moses is going up to Mt. Sinai

    “In 144 hours (six days), God created the universe, the Earth, and all there in them is, and rested on the seventh day (24 hours). This was Creation Week (Exodus 20:11).”

    How do you conclude this doesn’t include animals and man?

    Ex 24:
    “15 And Moses went up into the mount, and a cloud covered the mount.
    16 And the glory of the LORD abode upon mount Sinai, and the cloud covered it six days: and the seventh day he called unto Moses out of the midst of the cloud.”

    Not exactly sure how you interpret 12hrs into this, much less how it is related to the creation week. And where does Jesus set the timeline straight in the Gospels? Also just after this God tells Moses about how He wants the Temple setup.

    Rev. 20 speaks of the 12 tribes of Israel giving birth to the child Jesus Christ which the dragon hoped to swallow up. But he failed and Jesus rose to heaven upon His throne. Satan was left to torment the women (Church) but was still not successful because of the blood of the Lamb, his salvation and the testimony of the Gospel.

    You’re not be honest about the Bible Herman, you’re merely taking a few verses of the entire Bible and making your argument. You know more about the chronology than the Bible. Are you not saying then that the first three days of Genesis were literal and the last three days were figurative? Again I say this does not follow the context, original Hebrew and even science. Why would God create everything literally and then figuratively?

    If you really want to debate this we need to start on small parts. These large posts are far to big and broad to respond to. Nevertheless, I have a few questions.

    1 – Are you are Christian in that you believe in the atonement and god-man nature of Jesus Christ? Do you believe he literally rose and asended to heaven?

    2 – What Bible do you read and reference?

  8. Dear Herman,

    LMAO, so is that what this comes down to. I was wondering when this would be so. Let me return the favor.

    Let me interpret your post.

    “Dear JPennStar,” – Since other people are talking in these posts I should address him directly because he doesn’t know I’m talking to him. And it sounds sincere… Yet patronizing… Oh well he’s not smart enough to get that.

    “Sorry.” – I honestly feel pity for this person because he can’t understand how the KJ Bible is suppose to be interpreted. I mean I’ve told him, “No one walking on this Earth, besides myself, is an expert on Genesis.” – What more must I say? I’ve written a book!

    “You have too much trouble comprehending the King’s English,” – I told him in my response email, “I’m the one that has been given the authority to answer them,” and because he’s trying to reason with me he’s hopeless. This was to be expected because people who speak the truth are persecuted.

    and even more so the Word of God.” – The ORIGINAL languages are of no importance of course as I above all men understand the King’s language.

    “You give me a headache.” – Funny I’ve ran out of aspirin, *Tossing bottle into heap of other meds*.

    I am truly sorry you can’t properly articulate your ideas. Sure glad I didn’t bother with your book because if your posts are anything like your book I know I wouldn’t have gotten past the title page.

    You just keep telling yourself all those convenient things.

  9. Hermann, the way this works is to use facts and truth, strung together properly and logically to accurately describe and support what you find to be the truth. Not what you feel to be the truth, but what you FIND to be the truth.

    Patronizing and ad hominem arguments carry little weight with us here.

    So, as I said earlier, please continue to debate your points coherently and cogently, but refrain from assuming any given IQ level among this group or from assuming any level of superiority given to yourself.

    It’s just a real turn-off.

  10. Hey man, I respect your opinions. The best way to get people to ignore and dispute the things you say is to say “I am the only person who understands these things, everyone else is wrong”. That’ll get you an audience of angry skeptics, that won’t listen to your message no matter how true it is. Work on your delivery.

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