Odd Article by Herman Cummings.

I found this article while surfing and its rather odd. While claiming to have proof that God exists it clearly is also a refutation of Chritainity. Maybe it just me, check out the article.


The proof of God’s existence is His revelation to Moses, concerning seven
geologic eras of the past, which Moses could not have known about on his
own. Secular science would not discover geologic time until 3000 years
later. Merely reading the “first day” through the “seventh day” has little
meaning, and has been called “a constructed creation myth”. However,
in the Gospels, the Lord Jesus reveals the chronological order of the days
of Moses, to where their true meaning is uncovered. Consider the following:

A. The Fourth Day of Moses, from Creation Week
1. Covers the period 4.6 Billion BC to 245 Million BC
a) Depicts the creation of the (other) celestial bodies

B. The fifth day of Moses, from Restoration Week 1
1. Covers the period 245 Million BC to 65 Million BC
a) Depicts the creation of “sea monsters” and birds
b) Discovered life forms
i. ichthyosaurs, mosasaurs, pliosaurs, plesiosaurs,
and archaeopteryx

C. The sixth day of Moses, from Restoration Week 2
1. Covers the period 65 Million BC to 42 Million BC
a) Depicts the creation of herbivores, large animals, and the
“remaking” of mankind into God’s image
b) Discovered life forms
i. eohippus, indricotherium
ii. mankind of the period not yet discovered

These, and the remaining eras of geologic time, are given in the book “Moses
Didn’t Write About Creation!”, published by PublishAmerica. Starting with
the Fourth Day, the book puts the seven days in chronological order, as revealed
by the Living Word.

The secular world of science may call this a “convenient coincidence”. But it
is extremely difficult to “explain away” the fact that the “Observations of
Moses” follow the order of the discovered geologic record of Earth, with
visions of the ancient life forms shown to Moses, that lived during those
time periods. Finally, this is the proof of the Living God.

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