Insane Or Evil?

In light of recent world events and what appears to me to be an increasing penchant for the truth-tellers of our society to label bad people “insane” and “madmen”, I ask this:

Are they insane or are they evil?

Is Ahmedinijad an evil but completely sane individual? Does sanity preclude evil? Does evil preclude sanity? And what is the difference and what are the implications of the difference between insanity and evil?

4 thoughts on “Insane Or Evil?”

  1. Evil (aka sin) is insane because it willingly does such things in the light of God’s existence and judgment; insanely arrogant.

    I’d also add that evil isn’t a matter of your brain not working its a matter of the heart. The evil men of history have been some of the most intelligent people every to live and they thought themselves god- as did others.

    Ahmedinejad is a very intelligent person but he is evil. He probably believes he’s one of the most sane leaders in the world; evil always thinks it is sane.

  2. I agree with the above. One thing I’ve noticed in society is that we tend to take away the bad words like EVIL and replace them with words which make us feel sympathy, like insane or depressed or psychotic. We replace words having to do with sexual sin with “affair” instead of adulterer. I’m all for calling it what it is–evil.

  3. It is called revisionism and historically socialist, communists and dictators have always revised history to support their beliefs and ways of life. History revision has been going on for some fifty years now so all of our children learn about the “founding people” not he “founding fathers.” Science is the new religion and can claim that science is valid based on science and logic is sound based on logic and what is a “presupposition”? Christians and religion are bad because of the Crusades, even though it was Islam that started the wars and the Crusades were predominently oriented in getting back what was stolen; and the last time I checked Christianity had a reformation and Islam has NOT!

    The list goes on…

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