Today’s Interesting Stuff – October 2nd, 2007

After taking a few days off from blogging (and work) to accompany my girlfriend to Baltimore, MD, to attend a wedding she was a bridesmaid in and taking a brief trip to Washington DC (first time for both of us), I’m finding it difficult to get back into blogging.

What else is new?

So let’s start with a wrap up of what I find interesting going on the world today:

Blackwater is persisting as various parties seek to find a scandal where one is not likely to be found. The leftists nutjobs in the media and Washington are so ridiculously invested in defeat they cannot see the obvious grasping involved in headlines stacked like this on the front page:

Salon Site 071002

Admittedly, the articles temper their ‘enthusiasm’ with CYA words such as “allegedly” but compared with inflamatory rhetoric such as “shattered… moral authority” is there no one who does not see this total disdain for unbaised truth finding.

John Edwards is sincere according to himself. He is honesty and means what he says. We can trust our little children with him, in dark alleys, as the earth warms, and hurricanes destroy homes. He is sincere.

Back where it really counts, Niel at the 4Simpsons Blog has written a good article (as usual) explaining the the balance of freewill and evil in our troubled world. I’d only add that true love requires the ability to choose, something I’m learning more and more every day. God desires our love, He does not need it, He desires it. He gave us choice in order to make us appreciate His love and to free us to love Him truly in return. We love Him because He truly first loved us.

Speaking of really counting I’ve been dealing recently with the purpose of my life. I know I’m created for more than the 9-5 work-day world. I work to live, which does limit my career choices immensely, but I’m very blessed at my current job. I’m wondering at whether or not I’m to be involved in a more full-time ministry. There’s not a specific ministry I’m feeling called to work in though, and I’ve been called very specifically to work in several “part-time” ministries which require me to continue working… It’s all very confusing, but I’m finding ‘comfort’ (?) in something I read recently: God only lights our path a little at a time and part of trusting is stepping out where we do not see a path following His direction.

Trusting God is easy when you’re feeling His direction like a strong hand on your shoulder, but we don’t always see His direction strongly. David experienced this and wrote about it in Psalm 13, and his cure is novel: remember. After bemoaning his lack of guidance, David does not go on to say that God heard his calls and lifted him up and led him out of his troubles. No, God did not actively respond in this Psalm, instead He taught David trust based on past guidance and expecting future provision. When we are not feeling God’s direction, our responsibilities are to ensure our right-standing with Him, and then to remember. He has led us in the past and will continue to lead us. In looking back we’ll see His hands guiding us every step of the way. In the moment, when we don’t feel Him, we are to remember the times we did feel His guidance. In remembering His faithfulness, we are freed from our fear to trust His continued guidance.

I find it ironic, encouraging, and frightening that God has chosen to show this to me in a time when I feel very strongly His guidance in my life. Is there to be a long period of dryness coming? I pray that I’ll continue to trust Him especially when I don’t see Him.

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