If Hitler Visited…

The insanity (yes, this is insanity: ordinarily and generally decent people choosing to associate with evil people over good people is insanity) of leftist academia is appalling as always. In the wake of the Ahmedinejad speech at Columbia University, the leadership of that asinine austere institution stated that they’d have hosted Hitler if he visited in 1938.

Ah, the joys of an easy target…

One thought on “If Hitler Visited…”

  1. I don’t know. We’re talking about this in our English Critical Thinking class and I agree with the ideals which the school is professing as their defense – That is we are conducting this debate for the sake of ourselves and NOT for the Iranian President and through this forum we’re supporting the American ideal of free speech.

    However, I disagree in how they did the “debate” because it really was no debate. I listened to it on the radio and it was basically an interview and not a debate. The Iranian President is a two tongued snake and did not answer any of the questions clearly. Honestly he doesn’t speak much different than our Democratic Party. Read the script.

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