The Bloody Face, Revisited

In response to the run-on sentences of David Klaess (I’m tempted to say he’s writing as though he’s drunk) responding to my previous post on abortion, I found my comments reaching “new article” length, and proceeded to do just that:

your a racest kook and furthermore extreamists like you are the people who cause more war death and distruction around the world thinkabout the fact that all those middle eastern terrorists feel as strongly about their causes as you do about yours dont get me wrong Im not condoning abortion but if your truly a god fearing person you must realize that god gave us our own free will so we eahc have the choice to rize or to fall if a woman wants to take an unborn life thats not up to me or you to decide or to punnish THATS UP TO GOD AND THE MOTHER TO DECIDE. also if everyone would stop worring about who’s racist or not and just worry if they are or not all of the sudden there would be no racism.

Of course it’s not up to me to punish mothers who choose to kill their children. It’s up to me to continue to love them and care for them and help them in any way I can.

Further, I can assure you that based on actions and stated intentions (that’s words), Messrs Jackson and Sharpton and many other their sycophants are indeed very racist, just because you’re not white does not mean you can’t be racist. And past racism against a person does not ever justify their own racism against another.

It is not racist but is instead the epitome of UN-racism to care enough for all people that you warn them of plots against them. There is no disputing the fact of Sanger’s racism and her frequent association with white supremacists and Aryans. So if there is no dispute, how is it racist to try and warn people of her nefarious designs against them?

Instead, I would submit that not only is it racist, but evil, to stand by and claim, as you do, that I ought to turn my head and ignore a struggling woman who might very well be carrying the next Einstein or Mozart in her womb, kill that future with the assistance of the Eugenics clinics.

David, it is indeed between God and the woman what her punishment ought to be, which is why you do not see many pro-life people who argue for the tightened regulation of abortion arguing for the punishment of the women except in cases of very late term abortion, instead arguing for the punishment of the doctors who perform such evil.

Abortions for the health of the mother or the child, even under the most loose definitions which include cases of diagnosed Downs Syndrome and other mental differences in the child, account for about 6 percent of all abortions. Abortions for rape and incest are only about 1 percent. (see data)

In cases of the babies health, which is better, a sick baby or a dead baby? When the babe is diagnosed with Down Syndrome or similar mental differences through amniocentesis, an admittedly unreliable testing method, is it morally ok to kill the child? Does such a child have less of a life to look forward to than a “normal” child?

And even in the cases of rape and incest: is it the child’s fault who their parents are and what the circumstances were of their conception? Why heap upon the mother the additional pain of abortion on top of the shame of rape or incest? It is known and accepted that mothers who go through abortions are significantly more likely to commit suicide, suffer from depression, or experience other emotional harm as a result of the abortion. Why add that to the hurt of incest? Are there not families waiting to adopt, to share their surfeit of love with the child, if the mother is not able or willing to keep it?

No David, following your thoughts and your words, you are either unknowingly (in which case, open your eyes) or willingly (in which case, shame, sir, shame for your evil thoughts) ignorant, racist, and unloving. I pray the God you reference grants you mercy, bringing you conviction and teaching to change your thoughts and your ways.

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  1. LoL, now that is some funny stuff. I think you found his big red button Matt. 🙂 . And one of mine also!

    To believe places like Planned Parenthood open up shop for the sake of the people is absolute stupidity! P.P. is just another business that feeds of our sinful natures. This business provides an escape from bad choices. P.P. takes those murdered unborn children and sells them off like scraps of flesh for the sake of “science”. What in the hell is wrong with people?! You have the choice to take the plethora of contreceptives out there, which you can’t tell me kids are ignorant of. Choices have consequences and especially sexual choices! STOP BEING SUCH COWARDS AND BE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOURSELVES! This along with many other signs show how America is dieing. “When life is treated like a commodity death is near!”

    OMG this makes me sick! What arrogance!

  2. I am sure you were anxiously awaiting for a mom of a child with Down syndrome to pipe in-sorry it took me so long but I was still trying to comprehend David Klaess’ unpunctuated stream-of-consciousness rant. Anyway, I can assure you that my 7 year-old with Down syndrome looks forward to waking up every morning (she also knows how to write a complete sentence, properly punctuated). The joy with which she sees and lives her life makes even strangers smile. To say she has changed my life profoundly and greatly enriched our family is an understatement. When given an in-utero diagnosis of Down syndrome, up to 98% of women choose to abort. We actually expect that number to increase this year as the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) has recommended that ALL women be screened for DS, not just those older than 35 (as it used to be). Of course, they recommend doctors screen by the 20th week to leave plenty of time for termination by the 24th week. I have great sympathy for women who take their doctor’s word, lack family support, buy into Planned Parenthood’s propaganda,etc. when it comes to making a decision about abortion. They could be making a decision that will have life-long effects based on an outdated pamphlet and PP’s bottom line. I live not far from the new PP “opening” in Aurora, IL and I can tell you that our parish, like many in the area, have a 24-hour vigil outside the building. It is absolutely amazing to see so many people out there who understand the sanctity of life. It kind of restores my faith in the human race. If you have interest in reading a semi-related topic that is truly disturbing, check out the link below. I would be truly interested in hearing your commentary on it.

  3. Jessiva, thanks for your input on the issue. I’m checking out the link as I type this.

    I have several friend families who have Down Syndrome children as well as a few people I’ve counted as friends in my life with Down Syndrome, and I can say with certainty that there are no more giving, less self-absorbed people, than those people God has blessed with Down Syndrome.

    I like to think that by keeping their mind simple, God has gifted them with hearts capable of understanding so much more than those of “normal” people.

    I’d seen that article regarding the “mis” abortion. It is a sad world we inhabit. It is a fight we have.

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